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    Here Are The Nominations For The 2018 VMAs

    i feel good because i like most of them,,,, some i just haven't seen yet. there are some colors to it, different sides of music, different reasons for me to want people to win. it's REALLLLLYYYYYY nice,!!!!!!, okay now i am falling to bed 1) waiting for tomorrow 2) waiting for Aug 20 incredible day! no sleep but no fuzz
  2. it's too late now * inserts a gangsta face hood/mask/cover here and goes to rob a bank```**** #25again
  3. ma ei saa aru kuidas seda kõike käänata but i am excited and also excited for all those who are on the cross i feel their deth
  4. You give me feeeeeveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr.,... i don't even know where the comma is i just wanna sleep and lay down on a shadow sheets * inserts a loorberileht here * #toy today is a day when i am excited for the past excited for the future excited for the beautiful now ......
  5. i stand corrected i do nottth stand correctd'' everything in its oon time........... * inserts a pear with an ear here *
  6. they live streamed the 6pm news and now they have a replay on it on the same channel?
  7. Havingly, the live stream is now the replay of the news that just played.
  8. i must say it works wonderfully freaking smoothlyu like a clockwork
  9. my fear every night what if i don't wake up oh wait the programme came back #REBORN
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we are stalling stalling stalling it is starting starting starting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. oh yeah you are welcome dammit the link just went offline https://www.etonline.com/showfinder EDIT: IT CAME BACK SECRETLY I KNEW IT WOULD
  12. https://www.cbs42.com/watch/whats-on-cbs-42 BIRMIGHAM worldtimebuddy.com