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  1. Today is gonna be a good show. She is gonna/going to slay!!
  2. Here is it *march* We finally present you *march* To all the haters and revenge seekers
  3. Must have been too terrible to appreciate her dancing heart.
  4. oh wait what the hell are you talking about ? anyway i stay true to myself your jizz ass basicness don't know who you are talking about :D :)
  5. your jizz ass basicness don't know who you are talking about
  6. yes it is totally boring EVEN KILLING A CAT IS BETTER THAN WATCHING IT I TAKE KILLING A CAT OVER WATCHING THIS BORING SHOW ANYDAY * kissing * kissing also, boring my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! removed
  8. i downvoted you because it is boring but i still watch it see what i did here?
  9. yehh yehh mindfuck me zaddy buttoh'oooooooooooh isn't it like the real magic of the camera th8ygh already =? what's misused only now is the apple effect why oh why didn they used it ❤️background dancers
  10. it is very inter's'ting to perceive it
  11. Germany is bigger than the world :shakie: But anyway, it is interesting to see, I give it all for a change.