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  1. Um, I'm here for her dancers doing a Mood Ring choreo video.
  2. Points for the Mood Ring reference on their social media & them using an obscure deep-cut. They didn't just do something really obvious like "Oops! We did it again!"
  3. This is after the fact probably, but Toxic and Slumber Party came to my mind first. I also saw Slave and HIAM suggested. Those could probably be enjoyable too.
  4. I love it! It's so cute and very catchy. It makes me happy when I listen to it during the Xmas season.
  5. Glory is my 3rd favorite album of hers so far. I love the mixture of dreamy/tropical soundscapes. It kind of reminds me of In the Zone’s brilliant trance/world music influences strewn throughout (although ITZ is untouched and reigns supreme to me). And clearly, the tropical sound is very on-trend. But then there’s this almost country feel going on with the rock-lite of Liar, the jazzy soul of Private Show & What You Need, and whatever the **** Clumsy is. So it all amounts to an eclectic, all over the place album, kind of like Circus in that regard. And I feel like the throwback sound of Liar and Hard to Forget Ya kind of evoke Britney and that Y2K/Max Martin era of pop, in general. (Side note: I’m not here for this.) Hard to Forget Ya is the only song that I can’t redeem overall. Others ones that I don’t use as much, I still find something worthwhile about them. But HTFY to me is just corny. I feel like Mood Ring, or a superior cut left on the cutting room floor, should be on the album instead. In fact, you could say the album overall is a mood ring in its eclectic array of soundscapes.
  6. That is an amazing song. I feel like it's one of the only really unique, original cuts on FF. And the production is just awesome on it. Didn't Rolling Stone have a year-end list that had it as the best pop song of the year, or something? Or it was high up there? Here it is! http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-top-25-songs-of-2011-20111221
  7. This song is beautiful and flawless. Her voice is gorgeous, and the production is beautiful, dreamy, and trance-inducing. One of my favorite songs she's ever recorded.
  8. Did it! Love these kind of games. It was kinda hard to narrow down a top 5.
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