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  1. dear trump please free her if u do that i promise i will take all my mexican family and relatives back to mexico
  2. actually she is under contract too and she can't talk or get too close to britney, she was just contracted to bring the illusion that britney is better, that her friends are with her blablbalbla that's why she was a "TOUR ASSISTANT" for the meet and greets on circus tour, femme fatale tour, pom, etc. but shes no more britney's personal assitant cuz she's not allowed to get too close to britney as she was before (cuz they fear that she could help her go against the rules like give her a cellphone to get in touch with forvidden people etc). that's why she has a cameo on the zone, she love's britney and want to try to keep britney's image clean,, but she can't bee too close to her, or have you seen them been close friends during the past 10 years? nope they just see each other eventually. just like britney's mom. go watch i am britney jean and you will notice, that fe is not in the team anymore, she don't have a voice in britney's life, managament, schedule, etc. she just gets contracted as a puppet when she is gives concerts, so the fans thinks that brit is better with her friend fe, that fe is backstage helping britney making her laugh, etc, but the truth is they don't see themself as much. sadly fe talk cuz she signed a non disclosure agreement
  3. i think u missed the 720p leak from 2014
  4. nicky only raps with queens so she's making hits flops with katy
  5. an unreleased track, is like a get naked part 2, but we should not talk about this so freely so im gonna delete this comment in a couple hours
  6. please share a download link, this is awesome!
  7. that one and Rockstar 911 And Then We Kiss (Original Version) Look Who's Talking Now Everyday got leaked in itunes plus aac 256kbps, wich can get better spectrum peaks than common mp3 320kps, but stills gets lossy, the difference is that mp3 cuts the peaks, so when u do a spectrum test, the peaks never pass the 18mhz in some cases 20mhz, but with iplus format you can pass that mark but the compression is in the whole stream not just the peak, you can see in your graphic of spek how dirty it looks like like there's some grain in the graphic, well thats the compression, they just work different, but still is lossy here's an example. baby one more time lossless (cd sourced) (look how everything gets to the top, and the middle looks rich in color then what happen if i convert the lossless version in to itunes plus? (look how the graphic at first sight doesnt change too much but take a deep look in the peaks the get cut in some parts, and the middle parts gets dirty) lossless to iplus: so now i have this lossy itunes plus version (like the leaked songs) so whats happens if i wanna try get them pass as a lossless version converting the iplus version into wav? well the result is a bigger file, but the lost info and peaks never gets to recover again, so is pointless to upscale the songs iplus to wav: and finally this is why many people think that just because the peaks are higher is a lossless version, the answer is because we usually gets the leaks in mp3, and the best we ecan get is an mp3 320kbps leak, but the peaks always gets cut, cause thats how the mp3 works, but we always forget that there's better formats (still lossy) than mp3 so when someone do an upscale of iplus they get confused and think they are the real thing lossless to mp3 hope it gets clear, cause english is not mah native language lol
  8. there will be peace in the world. gays will live freely their gay lives, no more hungry in the world, and no covid-19
  9. u can always recover your data, just take out the hard drive, and get a usb hard drive bay, and you are ready to go
  10. there was a video of her doing the rap live on oops tour or crazy 2k can't remember. it was during the crazy breakdown. does anybody has that video?
  11. well there wasn't any good releases this week. so i don't see why people gets excited about it. it can sell less than 1k and be at the chart cuz the vinyls sales, and competition are droppin due to covid
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