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  1. I haven't read it since 2011, she sold Britney & Jamie Lynn out though. She also pretended like she knew what all was going on in 07' when in reality she didn't. The information on Sam was interesting though

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  2. 49 minutes ago, G-unit said:

    I would love some actual receipts that her label ever scrapped her ideas completely and forced her to make an album they wanted.  It’s all ever been a bunch of rumors (that seem to start when fans don’t like the album as much as they want to).  Britney has never seemed like the type to let her label control her artistic vision.  sh!t, she went against them for her DEBUT and refused to make the video they envisioned for BOMT, which is pretty gutsy of a new artist.  I mean, Blackout didn’t have any of the soulful, heartfelt songs she wrote and recorded for that album...

    There's hella receipts, Fernando (the guy who did Amnesia) said he did alot of "vampire pop" with Britney for FF back in 2010, Darkchild also said he was doing Britney's new record in 2010 as well and that was when she did HATLM (B's fav song on FF), it's always been obvious her label has wanted to control her sound and imagine. Freescha told me whenever they linked up w B for Circus for Follow My Fingers they specifically said they didn't want her doing any co-writes...sh!t's wild

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

    No, she sounds the same. I remember when the IABJ documentary aired and I watched the moment when she tells her family the camouflage joke I said, "god after all these years she sounds so from the south". :tehe:

    I feel like her family brings it outta her for sure, she speaks in hella vocal fry now like the Karsashians

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  4. 3 hours ago, HairFlipQueen said:

    I think she started off with lip enhancements then got a smile lift. If you google the pictures of one it looks very much like her mouth. Do you not think her mouth area looks any different at all compared to old pics? Even with her regular sized lips?


    Well yeah, but lifting your mouth muscles several times through injections is gonna f**k up the shape of your mouth. Also her nose job fucked her cupids bow, I think she's just trying to look the best she can tbh. She also would have insane smokers lines around her mouth without the fillers ans botox around the mouth area, look at Melissa Joan Hart's insta and videos of her talking are perfect examples of smoker's lines

  5. 2 hours ago, HairFlipQueen said:

    It's because it's not her lips at this point it is that awful smile lift/joker procedure. It doesn't matter now if Britney never re-injects her actual lips again, the muscles around her mouth have been moved and so her whole mouth area looks completely different. 

    That's why it's confusing because we can see that her lips themselves are settling down and a 'normal' thinness but something still looks off because she surgically changed her face.

    She didn't get surgery she got Lip Enhancement lmao this is her doctor


  6. 2 minutes ago, overprotectedd said:

    I've never seen ha new lips in that light lol


    7 minutes ago, overprotectedd said:

    She looks always the same guys :cackling: her lips are not going to change, they've been looking the same for like two years, just certain pics is less noticeable like @Goku said



    The goggles are pushing on the top of her mouth making her lips look like that in the pool, have you never worn them before??:nochillbrit:

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