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  1. Britney is alive. The fact that yall believe this.... I’ve driven by Britney’s house before, you can see it from the road. She’s in a gated community & there’s a two lane street leading up to it & going past it. Her house is on top of a hill & you can’t even see the front, they wouldn’t load a body into a stretcher at the bottom of the massive hill she lives on..
  2. They were having fun smh, a little coke & molly it’s not like she was on meth
  3. We all know they’ve burned any potential letters/diaries Britney has written.... they destroyed the letter she gave the FTR director & they deleted Rebellion from the Jive database... this isn’t happening anytime soon.
  4. You must not know her face.... look up candids from 04-10’ without makeup & it’s literally this but with different lips and a smaller nose
  5. Up n Down, Breathe on Me, Strangest Love, And then We Kiss, He About to Lose Me, Criminal, Lonely, the list goes on & on
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