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  1. He was her only boyfriend to speak out against the conservatorship, he needs to join the #FreeBritney movement honestly
  2. Obviously...she’s the one who planned the entire conservatorship & drained Britney’s foundation into her homophobic church. She stalked Brit for months, told her she was never getting married again, told her she needed to get rid of her “evil spirits”, & sent her a f**king pink hat. Loucifer needs to go to the light & see Jesus
  3. She’s been photographed with inhalers several times throughout the years.
  4. She’s in the Turks & Caicos islands sis
  5. Hell no we don’t need a Jenni Rivera/Aaliyah situation
  6. She’s so disgusting... the girl calling her brilliant in the comments is so creepy
  7. Not sure, it reminds me of the Circus video scenes with the hat though
  8. Oh my god, what if the “Go into the light and see Jesus” bitch she was talking about in that X17 video was Lou(cifer)?
  9. Jamie & Jamie Lynn have always been close as f**k, when I met him it was before one of JL’s shows (literally right after the Vegas residency started)- I was honestly confused as f**k especially since I Am Myah Jean had just aired... I wonder if he left Loucifer & Robin to “care” for Britney while he was away with JL :/
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