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  1. I agree with people saying it will turn out more neutral. Like a “this is what people say yet there a doubts. What is true? We will have to wait and see” kinda thing. Like are they framing her? Are they not? Who knows. But I suspect if one of the guests mentions issues it’s either gonna be vague af or solely blamed and focused on Jamie but not the conservatorship as a whole. I doubt anyone’s gonna outright say: she doesn’t need it and here’s why. I think most if not all of them will say: she had a hard time blah blah blah. But. As long as NYT questions their statements it still might turn out alright. Let’s see. edit to add: as always it’s unnerving how Britney herself is still not allowed to speak out. But everybody else can, as if she’s not here.
  2. People sometimes love to make fun of others for having simple things such as music, books etc or favorite artists who help them cope. But it’s not silly at all. Whatever it is that helps someone get through a tough moment or time is good and worth it (unless it’s causing harm but not the point). i don’t have autism. But when I have a panic attack, music from my favorite artist calms me down instantly, so I get it. Especially when it’s music with lyrics you can relate to or that help you stay strong. So good. im sure Britney would be happy to know she helps you cope.
  3. I feel like this is really unnecessary. People (allegedly) getting hired by Lou shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Who else was the one to hire them if not her or Jamie lol. A lot of this is pure (weak) speculation and while that person is doing a tremendously **** job at managing brits social media, it’s nothing worth mentioning compared to everything else. It was confirmed that Britney doesn’t control her social media. That’s the most important part and everything else is mere speculation and irrelevant rn unless something else major gets confirmed. i feel like this is what free Britney supporters do when we’re starving for info and have nothing else to do lol
  4. See, in general, when I see things like that I just ask myself one thing: why would you make your pet go through changes like that with you for no reason at all unless it’s medically necessary for the pet? If done wrong, it could cause the pet harm. Depending on the pet, there isn’t even a right way. And once again, unless medically necessary or beneficial: why the heck? Mental support? Internet points? Things like that I’ll never understand and I refuse to call it anything but stupid.
  5. If I may say this, I feel weird about mocking teen pregnancy. I don’t know how to put it or if I’m understanding it wrong but while teen pregnancy is definitely not ideal (idk how else to say it), it happens and most people try their best.
  6. I dislike her for one thing, and it’s her entitlement. She knows she acts entitled and she knows we know but she doesn’t care because she thinks people are jealous of all the things she has no one else will ever get to have too. And that’s what infuriates me. Because barely any of it is hers to begin with, she didn’t earn it or work for it. She strolls through life pretty comfortably thanks to her sister being stuck in a conservator ship. Now I have no doubt Britney would help her out either way, it’s her baby sister. But at this point I think it could be easier to list what doesn’t get paid with B’s money than what does. But JL thinks she can remain in the right and hand wave ppl away by simply saying “you don’t get it”. I might not know everything about the conservator ship, true. But what I do see and get is that this woman feels entitled, that she’s arrogant and comes off as someone with no compassion and empathy whatsoever. And that’s also why she will never have a successful career. Unless she changes her ways. Which. Lmao.
  7. Whether that’s true or not, it just makes me sad either way because of the fact that it’s a very real possibility. And that they keep on pushing away all potential good partners, friends etc for no reason other than they’re too good for her. No one with a heart who will see that she’s trapped and needs help out is allowed near her and yet they claim they want to protect her from “bad” influence. Nah. It’s the good influence they want to keep away from her and that’s so ******* sad it makes me want to cry.
  8. Ok, that’s just....why does all of that sound like they’re talking about someone accidentally driving over one too many of their plants like “ah silly, so silly, I don’t even know how it happened haha!” like wtf “Ah. There goes another one.” “again? That damn car!”
  9. Honestly? I do not give a f...udge. i just need the documents and updates on court hearings, where these come from I do not care. Keep that petty drama in high school or kindergarten and just give me updates when there are any, because #freebritney is literally the priority here, not some big accounts’ teenage movie drama.
  10. I feel like I’m back in high school and it’s giving me nightmares. so anyways. #freebritney.
  11. I leave for one damn day and this is what I come back to. Happy new year.
  12. Am i the only one that is a little bit irked whenever people use the words crazy or unstable when they see someone act in a way that doesn’t align with what they think is normal lol? Not directly talking about OP here. Just in general. And it’s weird to me that people seem shocked at the idea that maybe Britney does have some difficulties in her life. Because....I would be shocked if it was the opposite, considering what’s been done to her. Am I saying she’s “crazy”? No. Wtf even is crazy. You can worry about her without putting a label of shame on her behavior because that’s what people are automatically doing when they say “it’s destroying her brand” , “her Instagram is embarrassing” etc. who the f cares about her brand rn? As for her doing it on purpose...to me she seems like someone who doesn’t give a f. And she shouldn’t. Especially not right now. Don’t think there’s only one right answer. And mental health stigma is a thing. Don’t enable it, consciously or unconsciously.
  13. I can’t believe after what happened to princess Diana and Britney, so many people still support paparazzi.
  14. I’m just trying to calm myself down with knowing he’s not allowed to speak to her which bt extension also means he’s not allowed near her. to all the people who were wondering why Britney doesn’t want to appear in court. this. Is. It.
  15. Honestly. I hope Britney falls completely off the grid once she’s free and takes time to heal before she reconsiders the possibility of coming back.
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