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  1. This might be slightly unrelated idk, but I hope that, now looking back, people will learn from this when it comes to insulting celebs for mundane things like make up, weight gain, outfits etc. You shouldn’t really do any of that regardless, but knowing what we know now about Britney specifically it just makes me sadder than it made me back then.
  2. Whatever happened to that evaluation by the way? My memory is faulty.
  3. I just can’t with the fact that this man surrounds himself with lawyers payed for with Britney’s money, all to stay in control of said money and people still wanna claim it’s all for her own good.
  4. So much for an even playing field. This is going to get nasty when two lawyers on opposite sides who were involved in this mess from the start will go at each other.
  5. That’s probably why he tried very hard to make sure Britney wasn’t notified of the cship happening. Because of that she wasn’t able to tell the judge exactly what you just said. Then again, I doubt the corrupt judge from back then would have cared either way.
  6. The truth will come out when and where it’s supposed to come out - in court. The place were she should be able to tell her side without having to face consequences. The few times she tried to speak about the cship in the past, in ways that weren’t even concerning, it was cut, censored etc. And at the end of the day, she does, in fact, not owe random strangers the truth. She only owes it to herself. For her own happiness. Nobody knows how she’s truly feeling right now. And we also know Jamie and co are using everything they can, including her Instagram, to portray her as unstable. Breaking the “rules” and speaking out in public would only cause harm, not only to the case, but I imagine to her as well, seeing as she was forcefully admitted against her will already.
  7. Lynn is the typical kind of woman who’s not strong enough to escape and believes if her husband is happy then everything will be fine, except he’s never happy. She’s had her own part in this. Britney’s family was broken from the start, no money, her dad an alcoholic and whatever else, so they exploited Britney’s dream to become a superstar (what kid wouldn’t want that?) because it was their only way out. And the second Britney started to detach herself from them, they went and trapped her. Lynn being as compliant as she always was because she’s never known anything other than what Jamie wants, Jamie gets, he must be right. Looking back, it’s no surprise this happened, as the signs for control issues and immense greed in this family were right there from the start.
  8. It’s always good to have people pull more attention to free Britney but I would be lying if I said I’m not tired of everybody talking except the one who’s actually been held hostage for the past 12 years. Everybody’s just talking away right above her head. And she can’t confirm nor deny any of the things being said. Everybody’s got some sort of opinion what’s right for her, even fans, and she can’t say a single thing. I’m just wondering when the floodgates will open once she’s allowed to talk. Being silenced for 12 years can’t feel like anything but straight suffocation.
  9. That’s probably why it was never mentioned publicly. Because they know it’s a dumb claim and it would have caused too many questions. Imagine Jamie saying Brit has dementia in 2008 while simultaneously preparing the circus world tour. Like who would have believed that lol
  10. JL is desperately holding on to something. What that is, who knows. I don’t think it’s as simple as money, given her past. “Happy childhood” sounds like a delusion to me. She wasn’t ALWAYS flying around the world with Britney. Whatever it is, she clearly doesn’t want it to shatter. Their family was broken from the start and Lou wormed herself in because of that. Look at Bryan. Correct me if I’m wrong but he keeps to himself, as if he doesn’t want to be around them for too long. He’s got his own issues with how he talked about his sister but I think he at least knows his family is messed up.
  11. This is why I’m both ready and not ready at all for the whole truth to come out. If the tip of the iceberg is already this disturbing, then the rest of it can only be worse.
  12. Bear with me because I’m going through a moment right now. I really hope things will get better for her soon, asap. this picture does NOT prove she’s “mentally incredibly unwell.” What it (and everything else) proves is that she’s incredibly stressed and her “team” is exploiting it by always conveniently showing us things they know will get people concerned, always at a time right before a hearing. I don’t understand how they don’t see this proves even more that they’re not doing their supposed job right. Because they’re putting her on display. She jumps from one mood to another, not necessarily real time, as the pics and videos are from random af dates it seems. And they’re putting it on display for shock value. If they plan on using this in court, I’d love to see how they’re going to explain why they even allow this to be posted in the first place. They’re trying really hard to make her look unstable to justify a cship. As if to say look it’s worse without Jamie. One second you see her talk about God, the next you see this. As I said before, these kinda pics would be totally ok for me if everything was ok. But it isn’t. And I’m tired of people being stupid and falling for this plot. Because even if she was so mentally unwell, it doesn’t change that she’s not getting the right help. Sorry for the rant.
  13. The only thing I see as concerning about this is that we don’t know how this particular photo came about. But that’s because I’m more worried about how she’s being treated behind closed doors. The timing of this photo once again has me thinking. I’m just gonna say it, if everything was normal, meaning no cship etc, I wouldn’t give a single f* about this photo, because it’s her body and her Instagram and she can do whatever the heck she wants. I’m not about to shame people for that. PuBlIc ImAgE. Stop worrying on behalf of other people. but since nothing is in fact normal, I am worried. Deeply so. They need to stop doing this crap every time a court hearing is about to happen.
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