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  1. Country singer Kacey Musgraves is currently on tour with Harry Styles and it appears he has rubbed his popness upon her as she releases her most Pop song to date. The song stays true to her country vocals but throws it back to a disco, dance beat that is so infectious. The video gives a taste of a pre-MeToo movement time and Kacey spearheads female rights! Give this song a chance, and buy "High Horse" by Kacey Musgraves today.


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  2. In five years I see Britney:

    Releases an number 1 album, that will give 3 number one singles, and 2 top 20 singles.

    Winning 2 Grammys for Female Pop Vocal and Album of the Year

    Release a film and win a Golden Globe for Best Actress and win an Academy Award for Best Actress.

    She will perform at VMAs two more times and win 5 VMAs within the next 5 years

    She'll release 30 new fragrances .

  3. 37 minutes ago, Ormar201 said:

    Omg the feeling of the 90s summer! Flashback feeling lol every time I listen to it I look back in the 90s where all the teens play in the park and all the girls with the banging hair and chokeneck! You get what I mean!? :yasqueen:

    Yesss. Take me back to those days. Now I'm grown with a fulltime job and "summer" no longer feels like the summers i grew up in. :crying2:

  4. Maybe thats why Nicki is so adament in letting the public know she is queen every 5 seconds. Maybe she's a bit insecure that she's not as successful this time around and she's over compensating. Hopefully this will humble herself and she'll treat people nicer. If she is suffering from addiction, i hope she gets the help she needs.

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  5. BOMT:

    Best: Intro then into Crazy

    Least: Open Arms



    Best: What U See (Is What U Get)

    Least: Born To Make You Happy (always hated the salsa dance break, didnt match the song)



    Best: I'm a Slave 4 U

    Least: DLMBTLTK


    Onyx Hotel

    Best: Breathe On Me

    Least: Oops! ( the remix n choreo sucked)




    Best: Get Naked

    Least: Everytime (so short)



    Best: Gimme More

    Least: If U Seek Amy ( a major step down from the Circus version)


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  6. The male interviewer is obnoxious and too aggressive. Who makes fun the guest they are interviewing in a such a blatant way just to get some laughs? 

    She seems too contrived and a bit bitchy with her persona. It won't get her far as it will turn off radio hosts, tv media interviewers, and award shows. 

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  7. On 7/5/2018 at 8:29 AM, Alexanda said:

    It's the society, everything that could be gay, is gay.

    but when a girl does it, it's just playing around.

    it's fucked up

    I agree, and it's sad that Jordan @breatheheavy makes posts like this as an openly gay man. He should be more educated and aware of his actions and his platform that's been given to him. He not only generalizes the B Army, but gay men with his opinions and posts. Ideally we shouldn't take sexuality so serious, but we still live in a world where acceptance is still needed and when famous figures use homosexuality for profit, it makes it a gimmick-a joke. If Harry is bisexual, than he should come out and be a voice for change. 

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  8. I stan her goofy personality, her beauty (body goals for dayzzz), her music is totally Pop and on point, and her dancing (when she's really feeling it, it gets me excited and inspired)....and I stan how humble she is. In a world of girls calling themselves "queen" or "bad bitches" aka Nicki, Beyonce, Halsey, Rihanna...the list goes on. I love how humble and nice she is. I strive to be as nice, humble and caring as Britney is today. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, bananathesnake said:

    K-Pop is cancer and doesn't count. American pop music, usually, consists of people with personality doing generic tunes. K-pop is generic, automated, planned people and careers doing generic music. We shouldn't even look at it.





    Agree, K-Pop is treated completely as a product and nothing more. They will switch out members if they get too old and are to individualized. They form groups like a factory forms products. In a way it's sad. And I know Britney doesn't sing live, but she paid her dues in the first few years of her career and just stepped up the dancing. Nowadays K-pop groups just lip right off that back. That bugs me cuz, A-I got no clue what you're saying, B-It should be about the music so let me hear your talent, C-yall look and dance the same, so how are you gonna be any different than the other groups. :sippinga:

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