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    other It's time we face the facts...

    Tbh Britney made it a hit. "Britney Bitch" sample is iconic and no other girl has a phrase like that. So if he used any other female it wouldn't have resonated the way it did.
  2. She's fucked multiple musicians.
  3. If Cardi and Nicki have a moment together that will steal the show...maybe all this recent beef is part of the build up to unite at the VMA's
  4. Born2Die

    tour Dublin after show

    I'm having an orgy at my suite. So far 5 guys confirmed.
  5. Born2Die

    exhale I will never, EVER get over this.

    I came here thinking this was going to be about the desert performance that never happened
  6. Born2Die

    other Do you have any Britney tic?

    I floss my ass whenever I see a cute guy
  7. Born2Die

    video Throwback Thursday

    Throw back to this interview. She was sooo funny and seemed to really let her guard down. She was gorgeous and reminded me a bit of a young Britney interview.
  8. Britney proves again that she is THE Femme Fatale!
  9. Born2Die

    Introducing myself!

    Hi boo!
  10. Born2Die

    music B10

    She should do a covers album doing all of Spice Girls music
  11. Born2Die

    socialney Why "Army"?

    Not kinda, they are. They all seem like they have no lives. What I don't get is all these non-speaking Korean fans in America loosing their sh!t over them. Yall don't even know what they are saying. And all the boys have had so much plastic surgery they look like lesbians. I don't get the younger generations standards and likes?5
  12. Born2Die

    exhale Rank: Modern Pop Stars Discography

    1. Britney 2. Rihanna 3. Lana Del Rey 4. Ariana Grande 5. Beyonce 6. Lady Gaga 7. P!nk 8. Adele 9. Miley Cyrus 10. Katy Perry
  13. Born2Die

    My Tinashe dance video

  14. Born2Die

    exhale How old is Britney Army? (POLL)

    I'm 15
  15. Born2Die

    When she gets another number 1 album...

    Why did you post this here, it's already in Britney Forum?
  16. Born2Die

    music New set list for future

    I know but you did ask what we wanted to see, thats what i wanna see
  17. Born2Die

    socialney Why "Army"?

    Should be The Britney Regime
  18. Born2Die

    other Britney MIC FEED - Apple Music Festival

    She always sings live and this proves it
  19. Born2Die

    music New set list for future

    yes. i put From the Bottom, Dont Let Me, Not a girl, Everytime, Alien, Perfume and Criminal on there. The rest Ive seen already. I want something fresh.
  20. Born2Die

    music New set list for future

    these are the songs I hope she does: BOMT: Email My Heart, FTBOMBH, Thinkin About You OIDIA: Where are you now, DLMBTLTK, What U See (Is What U Get) Britney: Runaway, NAGNYAW, Bombastic Love ITZ: Shadow, Everytime, Brave New Girl Blackout: Why Should I Be Sad, Outta This World, Get Back Circus: Out From Under, My Baby, Unusual You, MMM Papi FF: He about to lose Me, Criminal, Trip to Your Heart BJ: Perfume, Alie, Brightest Morning Star Glory: Invitation, Love Me Down