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  1. Born2Die

    socialney Britney on "MOM" tv series

    I like the idea but Larry wont let that happen. They are all reformed drug addicts and alcoholics who spend a good portion of the show in AA meetings. Larry won't want people seeing Britney that way. I'd like her to go back to Will & Grace and reprise Amber Louise!
  2. He will hang Britney out to dry like always to make a buck., Will not buy it or read it. He is so fugly and old looking now. I cant at anyone who comes for womens looks but gives this man a pass. He is disgusting in my eyes.
  3. I love this song sooo much.
  4. Is Katy Perry the new elusive chanteuse?
  5. Born2Die

    exhale Liberation Tour Rehersals have started...

    I expect her not to dance at all anymore, but will have dancers. It will be like a Mariah Carey show, except Xtina will walk around the stage and not get carried everywhere. I dont expect much but good vocals from the tour. Nothing shocking, too exciting- just good vocals.
  6. Why does every Barb need to bring up Cardi whenever Nicki gets discussed. It feels the same way as a Trump supporter who brings up Hillary every time Trump gets called out on something. It's like, seriously, no one even mentioned Cardi but a Barb will bring her into the narrative every time.
  7. I dont know any of Travis Scott music but I will be streaming the sh!t out of his music just to help him secure his number 1 against Cry Baby, Bitter Nicki. She has never come off so insecure and desperate. It's so sad cuz she was such a creative, confident artist and it feels like she is seeing a shift in the GP and she's going full Lil Kim on Cardi. Nicki is one of the most successful rappers of all time, I hate seeing her be so petty this time around. She has nothing to prove anymore.
  8. Born2Die

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    Bey is not original at all. She been jocking RiRi's vibe for years now. ALL OF A SUDDEN Beyonce is ratchet, hood and trying for that street cred that Rihanna been doing since Rude Boy. Beyonce takes what one girl is popular for and then tries her best to outdo them. As far as the photo, isn't it funny how Bey is thin in all the right places on her IG but in candid on vacation, she looks 30 lbs heavier? And if you mention photoshop the BeyHIV goes in cuz they are delusional blind sheep.
  9. Born2Die

    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    It's famed photographer, Jayden James Federline
  10. Born2Die

    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    wow...she really is THE femme fatale!