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  1. I remember when POM started there was video of Miley Cyrus getting Jamie Lynn and Lynn Spears to dance with her for Crazy. I cant find this video. Anyone have videos of their interaction. i know they were friends when they were teens before Dan Schneider raped Jamie Lynn.
  2. Born2Die

    news Julia Michaels: “No one can sing like Britney can!”

    Body Ache is Britney's best vocal!
  3. Born2Die

    tour Forget King Alex. There's a new potential stalker on POM tour!

    There is one person in particular that i can think of that gets hate and tbh even though i dont vocalize it, I dislike the dude too. It comes off stalkerish and he acts like they are his friends but its like, they want your money and could care less about you. And he's rather obnoxious about it. So that's one instance, as far as others, they're usually more humble and share great stories about their encounters.
  4. Larry and Papa Spears wont let ger retire until the public has had enough of her and she can no longer sell a tour. But even then they will use nostalgic Britney to hawk a perfume or some merch.