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  1. Camila Cabello, 21 is expecting her first child with her long time boyfriend, 31, Matthew Hussey (yes, I don't buy that he is 31. He looks 41) The happy couple are 3 months along and no further news has reported if they will wed or not. Sources say Camila was nervous at this early in her career to have a baby but this is the best surprise she could have asked for. Taylor and Selena are very supportive and look forward to being aunts to her baby. Her small baby bump is so cute! So happy for her. Rumor has it that Taylor will be the God Mother
  2. Yaaaas Britney dueting with a hologram legend! And if Brit becomes president, you what that means...
  3. Its a lead single. The album will be a surprise, released opening weekend of Domination. Performances of the lead single plus a throwback song will be show on Good Morning America that Friday.
  4. She would have retired and probably had more kids.
  5. Born2Die

    music The story behind 'My Only Wish'

    I remember reading something about her not wanting to record the track cu she never wanted to do an Xmas album but Larry made her. And she didn't even like the song.