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  1. Britney: "Next year we'll definitely be there." Innosense: *Nervous laughter* "Oh, yeah." There's a difference between everyone and a superstar.
  2. Captain Marvel

    exhale Britney's Iconic "Got Milk" ads

    It truly was. I legit feel sorry for those that didn't experience Britney World from the start/'99.
  3. Captain Marvel

    exhale Britney's Iconic "Got Milk" ads

    So cute, I remember that too. But the gag is, it was cold outside while they filmed "Sometimes." Ugh, I love my lying ass fave.
  4. Captain Marvel

    socialney Whats your "Holy Grail" as Britney collector?

    ...Baby One More Time & Crazy 2k Tours on home release. I know we have her Hawaii special on DVD but I want the original versions, both are underrated.
  5. Captain Marvel

    exhale Britney's Iconic "Got Milk" ads

    My first time seeing the chocolate milk ads. Her "boobs" look so weird from this angle. It's like she's wearing a breast plate... I remember watching this live too with my family.
  6. I loved that look too, everything about it was fantastic. I don't really care if she looks a little disheveled, sans makeup, or in sweats while out and about. We all have our days when we just don't give a F while running daily errands. But I legit don't understand what happened here.