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  1. how lawyersforbritney got exposed when the britneys gram girls, who show up once in a blue moon, decided that it was cool to show up randomly to dox and accuse someone without proof without resorting to, you know, DMs? but i've been some time off due to life stuff and i've been hearing some pretty disheartening stuff about how A LOT OF PEOPLE have been acting lately. Including some people here in Exhale. I have very little faith anymore. But this ain't about us, right? So...
  2. I was thinking on the possibility of him requesting the higher child support to have something to do with the "where's the money" narrative Bryan and even Britney once on IG pushed.
  3. Some of these are from the The Britney Spears Foundation. They used to sell her stuff to raise donation money. Someone might have been just reselling or selling whatever is left
  4. the whole matter is that she had been working as a pop star in a condition that may be equivalent to being a literal slave, and yet here we are fantasing for when she'll come back to work as a pop star
  5. According to the Journal, the Giving Back Fund "alleged that the agent for Ms. Spears threatened to move the pop star's charity giving to another firm if the fund manager refused to hire her friend John McMahon, a former New York City police officer. The dispute was concluded with a settlement."
  6. jessica spears is the one that SUPPOSEDLY... uhhh claimed jamie m... britney...
  7. Also https://www.breatheheavy.com/former-nanny-lulu-testifying-in-defamation-trial/
  8. It wasn't fine in 2008 either. How was she working the same job as always as soon as it got approved? How was he okay with her abusive father as her caretaker? Even though you mean the questions that prompted the 3 hour rant, I'm not gonna see that lol, but yeah, 2008 wasn't fine either.
  9. They control what, when and how to post. Her posts are completely fine. Is she talking about being the president of the US? About how her father wants to turn her children into adult movie stars? About dead people? She talks about spirituality, memes, flowers, yoga, dancing, books and recycling/pandemic/BLM and things of the sort. You want anything more boring/common sense than that? It's not like she's allowed to say deeper things, like her conservatorship and conservators.
  10. She was never ok. Bryan said so. Andrew Gallery was there with her to see she wasn't ok with it. If she never said a peep to Lance, it means they were not in a private setting or they were not best friends.
  11. I don't think so. She didn't like Work ***** either. And that is well documented on how she didn't like Work *****'s spicy scenes. And how she even felt uncomfortable with the actually released scenes.
  12. They won't because it's helping their case. Whatever this bf said has finally triggered me because everyone was "omg no this is family's business." We don't really want to know her personal business, but this mfer shouted every "misconception" he has to the world just so he can ""defend"" Britney's """best friend""" for not doing actual """"best friend"""" actions. THE WORST IS THAT THEY CAN'T EVEN SEE WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT! No, Lance's bf, no one here gives a **** whether Lance is a self made man. We're here for Britney, a human being, just like the thousands of people under a conservatorship, who deserve to be treated as such -- human beings. If you're gonna say he's her """"best friend"""" then we'd best see best friend actions and not this ******* ****. I'm sorry. This got me really mad
  13. Yes, guys, if you can't go on either one, if you don't live nearby a big city, be sure to share all that
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