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  1. I don't know why y'all think Kabbalah has anything to do with it lmao The cship even allowed Madge to stick for longer in 2008. The Sticky And Sweet Tour performance was veeeeery telling and you can see Britney told Madonna some things. The fact is that what happened is what happened between Britney and anyone else outside her circle. Britney's isolated. Not a mystery.
  2. Those HD Remasters are done with AI so they're not 100% the original footage. It's just software filling predictive pixels up in the blank spots. So keep that in mind.
  3. I'd just say that the Renee movie is about the last era of her life so it doesn't go through everything. And on Britney/Judy
  4. She signed a contract with MGM at 13. She went on to became their biggest star, but the head of MGM still called her his "fat pig with pigtails" or "little hunchback." She wasn't overweight at all, but at 16/17/18 she still had baby fat. During the promo for Wizard of Oz/filming of Babes in Arms (she was 16/17) they put her in a diet they consisted of chicken soup, 80 cigarettes a day and pills (downers, amphetamines, sleeping pills, etc). They would even confiscate any other food. Even so, she was their "child" actress so the studio and make up artists really wanted her to look childish and waif-ish. Including her body, so in Wizard of Oz she was playing a 12 year old in a dress using a corset and covering her breasts to look smaller. Her mom was her manager/guardian and she was probably the most relevant person encouraging all that. The press even labelled her a stage mom. Her mom put her on a stage for the first time when Judy was 2 years old, as a new member of a little singing/acting group that was her two older sisters. At certain point, Judy accused her mom of mismanaging her, never showed fondness for her and even called her the real wicked witch of the west. Two years after Wizard of Oz, Judy looked like fixated on marrying -- she was tired of that life and thought that a husband would protect her from her mom/film execs. She married at 18, got pregnant real soon but her mom and the studio execs intervened and insisted she had an abortion. She got divorced like 8 months later and soon enough was pregnant again from another guy and aborted again for the same reason. Eventually she got more adult roles (just a few years down the line) and then married again, Liza Minelli was born. But marriage didn't work again. And she had other marriages that didn't work down the line. One of her husbands sucked her dry (apparently her management might have locked her out of earnings too but...) and she spent her later years broke. She was always owing the IRS millions in back taxes and at some point towards the end of her life she was homeless. But yeah, since she was a teen she had a problem with substance abuse and mental health issues. It was a snowball. Started so that she would have more productivity, it went on to she having mental breakdowns and suicide attempts in the middle of filming (she was dropped by MGM for not being able to finish several movies in a row), it started seeping into her personal life that her children (when they were adults or teens) would take care of her. She lost custody too when she moved to London. ...and she had a comeback with A Star Is Born and Carnegie Hall performance.
  5. The fact that something like that could become a business, an industry boils my blood. This is America, everyone. Everything is for profit. Question: why the state doesn't provide any social worker service as they do with minors? There should be a state mediator between guardian and family and the ward.
  6. She was so iconic there people litter the internet with gifs of her from the auditions to her final reaction to Fifth Harmony making it. Y'all tripping.
  7. Also, the How I Met Your Mother crew got the notification that Britney wanted to participate from Britney's camp in February 2008. In the middle of the Streisand/Eardley messes. I always felt that this specific move may have come from her? The conservatorship took their time to take over everything, and she might have tried to prove she wasn't incapable. Just like the X Factor deal -- she wanted to prove she wasn't incapable.
  8. Right. It's disheartening to know she's a celebrity "just like us". She's rich and has the resources and just gets her info from the same source as the GP and therefore went down in full conspiracy mode. Like, she could be doing something in court!
  9. Not to mention the sexism and ageism. Like let them be happy, Amber Lynn did more for Free Britney than all of us! Lol
  10. Everyone does that? Thing is, it seems all he has to his name is Britney's estate
  11. Also, things in this case are not black and white. I think everyone should remember that when they talk about JL's social media, about Sam Asghari as well. That's why I think it's pretty to do this to... Jordan?? Who himself has nothing to do with the cship? Of course he reached a settlement, of course he can't talk about everything and of course he can't simply say whatever he wants. It's even part of something called journalistic integrity?? The fact he was the head of the first big Britney media outlet to go against the conservatorship in 2009 and being targeted by Jamie and still being here should be lauded. But nothing is perfect and BH certainly is full of imperfections, so share your grievances but here?? And not in platform other Free Britney people unrelated can see? But whatever it is Exhale is a place that can foster any type of healthy discussion. But freely insulting members of her team while guessing which one is going to jail seems counterproductive when all we all have been doing for years is researching and researching and researching. It just leads us to nothing. We will achieve nothing sending death threats to Lou or saying she'll go to jail. Just a lawsuit against deep pockets and a squad of very powerful attorneys, maybe. Yes, it's enough for a lawsuit. So we can't go around throwing names like that, you see? Let's focus on the objective things we have. You with a twitter thread talking about something completely out of the realm just distracts a lot from the matter at hand. I'm sorry for anything, but we mustn't forget at any point our objectives.
  12. The hearing is public, the documents are public. Except there are parts of it that they require secrecy and plenty of documents get sealed so not even the people involved can see them.
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