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  1. because Justin was a mama's boy, his mom was protective naturally, I don't think it is anything specific.
  2. she started taking heavy antipsychotics. In April 2008 she was extremely bloated too. Her eyes are the eyes of someone under the influence of heavy antipsychotics. She lost the edge/sparkle in her eye ever since 2008.
  3. umm... Actually Michael Jackson's estate lawyers are related to the conservatorship lawyers. Iirc Jeryll Cohen is both Jamie's lawyer and she handled MJ's estate. Once she even called Andrew Wallet to testify on behalf of the MJ's estate due to his handling of Britney's estate.
  4. Original Doll was never an album. It was killed off in planning. None of her concepts went into Blackout or Circus. By what we know, one way to describe Original Doll is the "In The Zone Jive Didn't Want Britney To Release." What Michelle Bell said regarding all the actually-ITZ songs she shared with us (not gonna leaked because the songs were hers as well lmao) that y'all think were for Original Doll makes me think that. So Mona Lisa, Chaotic, Money Love and Happiness, Take Off were all "Original Doll" vibes except 3 of these were actually ITZ outtakes. And Mona Lisa might as well be one
  5. right, but Lynne's book wasn't entirely trustworthy. Considering Lutfi was the one who set the legal foundations, Lynne's book is the written testament for that legal foundation. Lutfi kinda admitted that he knew Britney before then with the leaked emails. The fact that Kaplan's PR echoed the same argument doesn't bode well for Kevin and Kaplan either. Interesting. Especially the fact he would introduce himself as a private investigator for KFed. It's Lutfi's modus operandi. Amanda Bynes' case comes to mind. Her parents supported him. He tricked Amanda into getting in rehab. After getting what they wanted, Amanda Bynes' parents cut off relationship with him. So, it's obvious he was Britney's team way to keep her under control after she fired Larry and cut off Lynne and Jamie. It makes sense. Larry was pushing the rehab story. Britney's parents and even Fe were supporting Larry (did they know the whole story?). Lutfi would "help" Britney out when no one else could. And what you're showing here also sheds light on the role KFed and consequently the family court might have had on the cship. I'm starting to be sure KFed ain't as innocent. I just don't think he's being paid still. I think that, whatever relationship he might have had with Lynne, Lou, Jamie, Kaplan, was over in 2008. He contacted Britney under tough discretion after the cship in 2008 and 2009. He sued Britney, Jamie and Lynne after his attempts failed but it just seemed he and his lawyer used the trial to prove Britney was competent and wasn't okay with the cship. He kept burning money throughout the years. I just don't see. That TRO was useful in 2008 to prevent Britney from fighting off the cship. Now they don't need TROs to keep the cship going. Someone should review WHY Lutfi wasn't criminally charged or investigated. It's really the key to the cship.
  6. The conservatorship never reported her net worth being over $60 million. Her net worth ever since 2007 has been in the range of $40-60 million and some years it even goes down in the conservatorship's financial accounts. Yet when Forbes says $200 million, that is an estimate based on her earnings. She could have that money, but she could have moved it or burned it. Thing is, in 2007, most of her assets (if not all) were in her trust. Her conservatorship claims they do not have access to the trust and therefore they don't report on it. But they so obviously have control over it, because Britneys companies were trust assets, yet Jamie, Wallet and Lou took over every preconservatorship Britney company. So the money is being moved around. Whether they're doing something illegal with it? We can't know for sure.
  7. It's so funny that Larry did go to TMZ for his first statement after Domination cancellation/Britney's 2019 hospitalization Team Con is so predictable and uncreative it hurts
  8. lmao. I just said that. They basically used psychotropic drugs to "try to control" people or, more like it, torture them. Just like they used to try to destroy the hippie and the black power movements from the inside out - those were on recently unclassified documents too. So I guess that the fact you can buy a LSD tablet out on the street means MK Ultra is a real and present thing in your life lmao
  9. MK Ultra is a conspiracy theory based on some unclassified documents detailing methods of torture the CIA employed in the 50s/60s. It's not a cult or even a current thing (although state torture still happens). Why would the music industry do that?
  10. I don't think the knee injury had anything to do with what you're implying. What the knee injury brought was a cancelled tour, a cancelled video and a insurance lawsuit. She knew KFed and she was bound to marry him as soon as the tour was over.
  11. I think the Michael Sands jump from being MVK and KFed's spokesperson to being Lutfi and Eardley's spokesperson was a kind of weird move in of itself
  12. i dont think its a question of whether he loves or not. I do actually agree that he does love her and might have thought he was saving her, but the point is that from the start the mindset around Britney wasn't healthy. He wanted her to get back to work and resume her successful career, as if she didn't have any other personal or mental issues to work on. I can even see that he had no idea that being a probate conservator and forcing someone else to bring in millions wasn't ethical but... you know. Rumors actually started swirling on late March, actually. By April 1st he seemed to be pretty on par with the new situation and talked about HIMYM, how great she was, and how close he was to her parents. So I wouldn't doubt they were talking about a comeback as soon as February or sooner. Also, this timeline showing how Britney's schedule changed when Larry came back https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o9v5jOWRM18m_l3d7tfA3l2YEbFCh7pN9oXCmwY0j5I/edit?usp=sharing Yeah, reign-deer.com doesn't have any saves from 2008 on Wayback Machine
  13. I still think it was bogus from the start having your estranged alcoholic father as your ultimate boss. I also don't think it ever started as a good samaritan operation. Larry was clearly put back into the fold to keep Britney working and the money flowing. As soon as he was in (April 2008), she was gearing up for a new release she was never really excited about. The insurance companies demanding the cship to be in place was a mere formality of an ill deed that he was part of and knew part of the implications, even though he is not that bright to be responsible for it. Jamie knew well what they were doing when they rehired Larry that soon -- and he knew what he was doing when he backed Larry up on his 2007/2006 shenanigans. But anything else regarding the logistics of the cship? Yeah, he's not the mastermind, for sure. I just maintain he had enough info to know it wasn't in her best interests from the offset.
  14. I didn't. I take it the same way since the "all is well" post and the dom cancellation. I just like and nod, y'all I feel like in the future her IG account will be a goldmine of stuff. Many things from years past make more sense now, and in the future even more things will make more sense. Can't wait to see her IG posts on litigation docs.
  15. On the part of Harvin reporting on Britney getting out of the facility, you could've included him saying she wasn't diagnosed with bipolar disorder but she takes meds for it anyway https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_-mkIAPIoiXcAjsntLeSTh0Hzij2lfpQ/view?usp=sharing
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