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  1. It’s also her being herself and doing rehearsals. Maybe the large crowds really do paralyze her.
  2. Wait huh? I don’t believe she’s singing at all...I was responding to someone who said her mic is just off and she’s always singing...
  3. she isn’t singing in a way that her audience can hear her words. And she knows that. The sound over the speakers is not how she sounds in those live moments. And it doesn’t explain moments when she isn’t even moving her lips or lipping the wrong lyrics. She knows she isn’t singing live. She just likes to say things is my point
  4. DoSomething954

    other The Shade Room posted Britney’s S4U Migos remix

    No I think the same. Why won’t they just adjust the type of performer she is? She’s no longer a dancer and refuses to sing those pop songs. Why not work on her vocals and strengthen those piano/guitar skills and become a different type of artist. The sky is literally the limit because it’s not like she could get any worse. It’s just embarrassing she’s still being sold as this dynamic pop star when it’s not who she is anymore. It’s like they market her as one thing and it’s not even close to who she is
  5. DoSomething954

    other The Shade Room posted Britney’s S4U Migos remix

    Lol I mean the comments could be a lot worse. They are basically saying she’s dancing with no rhythm, which she is. I don’t think the truth can be shade :-/ no one is saying her body or outfit look bad soo that’s something lol
  6. DoSomething954

    news The Washington Post Review of POM Tour

    I think jazz hands on Red Bull describes her dance moves perfectly low key lol she does a lot of movement but it’s not necessarily good or fluid moves. The spinning in random circles during toxic is also a good description lol It seems like a lukewarm review, not horrible though. they acknowledge that it’s a lot going on in the show but that the lipping doesn’t help. Not shocked.
  7. I think you answered your own question. She’s just super nervous and filled with anxiety. In those videos, she’s floating across the stage and feeling the music in ways she never does now. I mean now she just looks down at her feet or the floor every five seconds and tries to rush moves to hurry up and get the songs over with. Even in songs with a lot of choreo, she’s still touching her hair or looking down, so even with more choreo and less filler space I think she’d still do the same.
  8. DoSomething954

    music Most Inspiring Song of All Time

    I love stronger, such a positive message for stuff beyond just a breakup too. Also, I wish she thought of her music as more than “just songs” and did like a short talking segment before certain songs in concert explaining how they make her feel or something (kinda how Taylor does) even something short like “as a teen when I recorded this song I didn’t realize how powerful these words are but it’s so true you can overcome anything and come out stronger on the other side!” Like that would be so cool to hear her thoughts on the words of her songs
  9. DoSomething954

    tour A new M&G look from today. She looks FLAWLESS

    Awww that’s a good pic
  10. It shouldn’t be surprising. She contradicts herself a lot in what she says. I think she just says whatever comes to mind and we shouldn’t even pay attention to it most of the time. I mean... She said she sings live lol that should be the biggest indicator that she just either has no clue what to say or lies most of the time
  11. DoSomething954

    tour Britney's hands

    I think some of it might be nerves and other times it’s her way of feeling the music. Kinda like that hand thing Xtina does when she’s hitting high notes and feeling it (that’s how I see it at least) it’s just that girl doesn’t have rhythm so it rarely ever actually matches the music and looks off lol
  12. Hmm never thought of it that way but I can see that. Especially since she seems so tense in large settings (red carpets, award shows, etc). but I always wonder why they didn’t change how she performed. Like okay Britney has a lot of anxiety, why not do more unplugged type of performances? Small settings just her and a couple dancers and maybe a live band? And make them super exclusive. it just seems as Britney the person changed her team or whoever still wanted her to be the same performer when one affects the other.
  13. It’s so baffling that she just can’t dance anymore. Like ppl will say she’s bored or whatever, but being bored doesn’t make u lose rhythm. If anything you’ll just look uninterested not like you never danced a day in your life
  14. DoSomething954

    other Should we accept the truth and move on?

    Oh definitely, the breakdown gives her lots of leeway to get away with things I don’t think other artists could.
  15. DoSomething954

    other Should we accept the truth and move on?

    I agree that she’s not going to be a different type of person. I still enjoy the music but the Britney who mesmerized me at 7 years old doesn’t exist anymore and it’s almost like watching a child on stage dressing up in mommy’s makeup trying so hard to be grown up and sexy. It’s hard to explain... also, why is there such a misconception that caring about your career is a thirst for fame. She can rehearse for tours for longer than two weeks, sing one of her own songs once in awhile and actually be vocal about her music passions during the recording process without transforming into a Kardashian lol her doing her job and seeming really into it does not automatically put her back in 07. It’s weird that ppl think that.