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  1. DoSomething954

    music Those who have 'stanned' since her teen pop days...

    Same. She’s not anything how id ever imagined her watching her from day 1, but life happens :-/ but I’ll always be a fan because she gave me lots of great memories
  2. DoSomething954

    exhale Britney Spears' Net Worth vs Kylie Jenner's

    I thought the Forbes article said they hadn’t verified that number yet on Kylie and used a lot of hypotheticals? But even so, isn’t Britney’s perfume just like her name slapped onto them? She doesn’t own it outright does she? I know Kylie Cosmetics has a parent company, but Kylie is the founder of her brand. Britney wouldnt be considered the founder of her perfume brand, I don’t think? Like they license her name I thought. Also, Britney did a lot of heavy spending in the early years and a lot of failed investments. (That NOLA restaurant, lavish splurging, etc). Kris Jenner has had those girls working and investing in everything since forever lol
  3. I feel like I’m the minority but I don’t want a tour or new music or anything right now. It’s hard watching her not know what to say about her new music. It makes me not feel any connection to it, no matter how good the song is. And her not performing her songs in ways that feel like u get the emotion and feel of a song don’t help imo. I want her to work on her anxiety or figure out ways to do what she loves in smaller settings so that maybe she is comfortable being herself and performing more, etc. I want her to be really invested in her next steps and not have every move seem like a forced calculation from her team. I want to get a sense of who she really is in whatever she wants to do next