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  1. Hiyee! The one I used is the official single cover. 💛💜 The song debuted at #17 on the Hot 100 on the third week of November 1998 and went to number sometime in late January 1999, on the same week the album debuted at #1.
  2. 13 years later, i'm still pressed it didn't go to #1. We could've had a record setting 7-album streak.
  3. Ok, that's it. You have continued to cross the line even when i'm not being rude to you.
  4. What even is that? Sorry but are you new to this forum? Cause everybody knows i don't speak the language of commoners. English words only, please.
  5. Where did he attack people? Can you link me? Cause you're showing me a post where he SAID he attacked people. But where is the post? Where is the attack? If you think Moderators are being biased on this forum then maybe it's in your best interest to leave this forum, 'no? Not you thinking i'm against you when I started a war on one of Exhale's most problematic members, OnlyFacts, IN SUPPORT OF YOU. But go off.
  6. But it don't mean i'm freaky. I promise i'm not.
  7. Oh that's probably when I got my Cloud Macchiato. You know, clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee~
  8. This is so shallow and not very "woke" of you. For you to conclude that someone is a $lut just cause they sing about duck a lot. It's 2020. Get with the times. I believe Ari is just the right level of bad. Like, a 7. Kinda like me.
  9. For all eternity, Swifties will brag about Cardigan debuting at #1 because it did. The same way Britney stans put Hold It Against Me on a pedestal because it not only went to #1 but it debuted at #1. Yet it is Britney's lowest ranking #1 single in terms of overall Hot 100 performance (#8) and is outranked by several non-#1 singles. But that's all it took for Femme Fatale to get all the good press it needs to become a #1 album on the Billboard 200 and ultimately a successful era. Stop it. I love you.
  10. It means blacking out negativity and embracing life fully... you flop fan.
  11. HUWAAAAAAA who took this I look sooo cuuute EEEK!!! I saved it.
  12. Not anymore. It's all about marketing. Getting a #1 single is the headline that will be posted all over the internet and on social media. The gp will not bother to find out how many weeks positions stayed on the Hot 100. Look at Cardigan when it debuted at #1. Do we care how many weeks it stayed at #1 or how long it stayed on the Top 10? No. No one cares about it anymore. No one's talking about it anymore. Because they already got the free added hype and push they needed for the album (not that it really needs it). folklore is unbothered and still selling, still slaying. Yes, it's because it is a MASTERPIECE, but also because the one that will stay in the basic common folk's minds is the idea that "Taylor Swift's album went #1 and the single too. Therefore it must be a great album." Once the commoners are convinced it's a success (without knowing the specifics), there's your longevity. An example of this is LEMONADE.
  13. It's not right to compare digital sales of songs released this year, to songs released last year. We been knew pure sales crashed this year because of COVID-19. 2019 and 2020 are like year 2011 and 2005 in terms of difference in sold digital singles. For me, as long as it hits #1, then that's good enough for me. Rain On Me wasn't the big hit we all thought it would be but at the end of the day, it's still a #1 single regardless of how many weeks it stayed on the Top 10 or on the Hot 100 in general. It will still be labeled a #1 single for all eternity. Also, Work Beep also underperformed when compared to singles from Femme Fatale, especially with it's up and down performance on the Hot 100 but it ended up being more iconic than most of the singles from Femme Fatale. So who won? 🤷‍♀️
  14. I saw the title and thought to myself, like, why Shadow? When I opened the thread i - WAAAAAAA SHADOW
  15. ... make a lotta love on a Monday? Of course. Never need no, no one else, babe~
  16. Let's do 6:30 so we can go to bed early cause boy i'm tryna meet your Momma on a Sunday.
  17. I'll switch positions for you. Know my love infinite, nothing I wouldn't do. That I won't do, switching for you.
  18. I love how you go hard for Jada. You've mentioned this song many times already and I love it. I'll tell Will.
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