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Everything posted by Roxxy

  1. None of them. It will ruin the fantasy. Her music videos are their own worlds now. And seeing her music video personas in person / live / in real life - will just ruin the music video for me because it cheapens the fantasy.
  2. Bish who you callin' old? I am thirty, flirty, and thriving.
  3. So is "Saweetie" supposed to be sweetie with an 'A' ?
  4. Happy Anniversary, Britney Online! 💛🧡💜 Featured.
  5. But, like, why? What for? Going back to "your roots" isn't always a good thing.
  6. Aww Bunny. Stop it. And same. I woke up literally an hour ago. And I told myself that the thread should be up every 7AM PST. But I woke up late. I had to scramble and make the thread as quick as possible and then I opened my music library (but I already have 7 Rings in mind) and typed "one", "two", "three" and so on - and the songs that came up like i'm not crazy about any of them and i'm looking at the time and i'm like F it let's go with 7 Rings.
  7. I screamed. I thought this was a thread by @CrazyButItFeelsAllright And yes! Definitely. But really, the entire BIBO album needs justice. #BIBO #JusticeForBIBO #JusticeForBreatheInBreatheOut
  8. SCREAMING. Didn't we have this like last week or last last week? Ok, mine is 💛🧡💜 But this is only one of my faves. Also, @PokemonSpears Thunderpuss.
  9. Sorry I just woke up. It's up btw! DAY 2 is up, Exhalers! 💛🧡💜
  10. ^ TAAASTE! I'm waiting for one particular song and I really hope it's someone's entry. It's an old song. Like, old-old. Like, our parents type of old. It's a ballad. Really looking forward to seeing it.
  11. 7 Rings by Ariana Grande 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍 7 is my favorite number. It's also my birthday. July is also the 7th month. 💛🧡💜
  12. Hi Exhale! Welcome to July 2! I'm really happy with all the entries for Day 1. I feel like I got to know y'alls taste and personalities. Really surprised to see a lot of the picks. WOW! So let's start! DAY 2: A song you like with a number in the title. *** ONE SONG PER EXHALER. Let your song speak for yourself. TEEHEE 💛🧡💜 Roxxy
  13. What can I trade you @JackSProductions
  14. It's like we have this every month. I want anything or all songs from the Britney album + Showdown and Breathe On Me.
  15. Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thing. 💛🧡💜
  16. That's Minah. My groupmate. Stream Something. 💛🧡💜 nothing, it's something, stop it. no oh~
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