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  1. OMG i'm glad she's okay. Welcome to Exhale @Asajka ! 💛 Come to share what you're grateful for, stay for the community!
  2. I'm grateful for unproblematic Exhalers.
  3. SCREAMING Not you @Toxic.Latin thirsting over him too. He's mine.
  4. @sullivanSP Okay this has gone far enough and you keep INSTIGATING DRAMA. I have ignored you cause I didn't want to cause drama but you seem to want to drag and you should know I am not the one, sulli. First of all, why are you so pressed? First of all, the Afrikana Grande joke that @iAlwaysSingLive mentioned wasn't even about the meme which you keep thinking we're inserting a meme on a social issue which wasn't his intention all along. He was actually praising Ariana Grande for standing up for George. He was actually on your side. But being the defensive, arrogant, and ignorant new member that you are, thought he was being shady when he is not. And then I told him "Thank you" because he was praising Ariana Grande. Isn't that what you want in the first place? For celebs to speak up? And @iAlwaysSingLive praised Ariana for doing just that. Only that he called her a nickname in reference to the POPULAR meme about Ariana. That's just it. It isn't that deep. It isn't that serious. It isn't insensitive and it isn't racist. And @babyimmafreak90 wasn't ganging up on you. He was just letting you know about the reference so you wouldn't be PRESSED. And but of course your arrogant 4ss just couldn't take that you blew something out of proportion so you go around downvoting previous posts cause you're petty and pressed af. And there was no private messaging of inside jokes going on. Because we were tagging @Martini because his avatar is the popular Afrikana Grande meme and it is funny. That's just it. It's not that deep. It's not that serious. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT ALL OF YOUR POSTS ON THIS THREAD. Not just to the 3 of us, but also to some others and to another Moderator @puppylo16. You are forcing your opinion on people and when they don't agree with you, you are rude to them. Take a GOOD LOOK AT YOUR POSTS IN THIS THREAD. You LOOK and SOUND so pressed af. Constantly tagging us and quoting us and downvoting old posts to get attention while everyone has moved on. Cause you think people are shading you when we arent. You repeatedly downvoted my post that said "i dont know what you mean " because you were trying to get my attention. I really didnt know what you mean because i wasnt throwing shade at you. I only said "Thank you" to @iAlwaysSingLive for praising Ariana Grande (me). That's it. And you even constantly throw shade at us on 3 other threads because you think we really care about an irrelevant like you? GROW UP, SULLI. You've only been here how many days and you're this problematic and rude to your senior Exhalers and to two Moderators and to @Urbanney ? Who do you think you are? AGAIN, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. I suggest you stop this now. Because you won't survive this place with THAT NASTY ATTITUDE.
  5. I'd just like to say that Billboard has always included Radio airplay on the Hot 100 methodology. It's actually given more weight than Sales, prior to the Hot 100's formula revamp in 2005 when they started counting digital sales. And because digital songs were all the rage at the mid 2000s to early 2010s, Hit Song X's massive digital points spills over to make up for the lack of Radio points. That's why a song vaults to a high position on the Hot 100 solely based on robust digital sales with little to no airplay. But the formala has always been Radio > Sales until 2013 when Billboard recalibrated the formula when they introduced Streamings Songs and made the ratio Sales > Radio > Streaming. They only recently recalibrated it again to reflect the decline of digital sales and gave more weight to Radio over Sales (again) when they made Streaming the top criteria.
  6. We been knew they asked me to play Megara but I said only if Destiny's Child would play the three muses.
  7. Uh... why is no one mentioning Gimme More? It's a little messy because not all of Britney's iTunes #1s are also her Digital Songs #1s - which is Billboard's official weekly final tally. Take for example Make Me being an iTunes #1 for a day but only finishing #3 by the end of the week on the Digital Songs chart. Here are Brit's 7 leaders on Billboard's Digital Songs Chart. 1. Gimme More 2. Womanizer 3. Circus 4. 3 5. Hold It Against Me 6. S&M (Remix) 7. Scream & Shout Britney has 14 Top 10s on the chart.
  8. You mean your generation. And what does that have to do with throwing shade on the people who support the boycott. While I do not agree with the opinions on that thread, as seen in my platinum post, but what I will not allow is throwing indirect shade on @Dark.Knight and @C0CKy .
  9. Who you callin' fake fans? Although I do not agree with the boycott and the opinions on that thread, two of the people there who are pro-boycott are OG Exhalers and have been fans of Britney since the very beginning. They are more of a Britney fan than some of the new flop fans on Exhale who stan Femme Fatale. Please. It's not even close.
  10. Mood Ring is the first single off of Britney's very own Future Nostalgia record. It's literally nostalgia from 4 years ago but released in the future.
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