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  1. 100% agree about the "what do we want". It is really cringey and makes it about the fans´ wants, not about Britney´s needs - just the way it sounds. It would be better if the chants were about Britney deserving her civil rights, investigating her case, ending the conservatorship etc. Having said that, I appreciate every single person who is able to participate and voice justice for her.
  2. I agree, it would really mean a lot if @Jordan Miller was there too! He´s the original #FreeBritney
  3. What is this fruit shower, I wanna know! And what´s that "SHARING" about
  4. Sorry if already posted. I haven´t followed her for long but people in her comments keep saying she is scary accurate. She also predicted today´s Lebanon incident. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDLhzRYDCu4Eb6yfTDYic1CvblHjYP3moG3U3s0/
  5. Of course I know who Marilyn Manson is. This topic was not about him, though.
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