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  1. I don't think every single break-up/revenge/heartbreak song that JT has made is about Britney, especially songs from his 20/20 Experience album. By that point, he was already married to Jessica Biel, so why would he make songs about an ex girlfriend who he hasn't been with for a decade or more? Now, songs from FS/LS might be, since that stuff was done in 2005/2006, not many years after they broke up, but besides that, I don't think he's obsessed with her like fans persist.
  2. I've never known how to feel about this song, tbh... It's okay, but I've never understood the craze for it in the fandom. I don't even know which version is legit or not lol there seems to be so many versions, yet I still feel like I haven't heard the full thing. Why was it even cancelled?
  3. I'm personally not a big fan of either debut album, and especially not a fan of Billie's, but it's silly to compare. It's not even the same type of music. Honestly, as much as I love Bey, I feel like Telephone would've been even more iconic than it is if Britney had been on it. I always felt that Britney would've fit the song better, but Bey was still awesome.
  4. I'm PRAYING for that day to happen. I do like the challenge of working with what little scraps we as producers/remixers get (filtered/DIY acapellas, etc), but man, if more stems would leak, especially raw stems and not just submixes like WB etc, I would've released Britney stuff by now. Most of the ones that have leaked I'm not very interested in, and I'm not in the trading community so I can't get any exclusive stuff like others. can.
  5. Basically every remix @remixedbynickhas done is better than the original. Also, slightly unrelated, but I'm planning to release a remix of Burning Up at some point in March! I'm also a remix producer. I mostly been doing MJ stuff, but I have a Britney and a few Madonna material in my vault that i'll eventually release.
  6. I too, was quite curious about her hair when I first saw the documentary. I've always been curious how long it took to grow back.
  7. Queen of IG. Queen of Social Media. Queen of everything.
  8. I know, but it just feels so weird. I understand if it was a MJ or Whitney documentary, but they literally are making these docs as if she's been dead for years. Although technically, if you watch some interviews & IG posts...
  9. Well, Beyoncé is notorious for being silent/mysterious over the years, like MJ was, so it's no surprise that she hasn't said anything. As far as Madonna, I've heard she's working on her biopic and she has like four children. And Gaga, well, from what I know she's working on a second (and probably final) jazz album with Tony Bennett and I think someone in her family recently was hospitalized due to COVID. And I got no clue about Rihanna. The way I see it, most of the A-list celebrities won't say anything until she's already dead. Virtually no one came to MJ's defense when he was going through those money-grabbing child molestation allegations, yet the day he passed & weeks/months after, EVERYONE cried talking about how much they loved him and always loved him no matter what, despite their purposeful silence during the darkest times in his life. So, sadly, I see the same for Britney until further notice. I expect very lengthy IG/Twitter posts one day talking about how "the media hounded her", from the same people who chose to stay silent during the media's field days with her.
  10. Part of me is excited, and another part of me is like "ANOTHER documentary about Britney where we don't actually hear from Britney". I'm sure (possibly) one day we'll hear Britney's side of everything, but these documentaries/pieces are just starting to just be sad because they talk as if she's no longer here with us. But I'm glad these things are being brought more to light for the GP, though.
  11. Our girl's first official movie! Well, I haven't seen it in quite a few years, probably 6-8 years, but from what I remember, it was basically a typical cliché teen movie but with some serious moments in it. Britney's acting wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen, and the cast wasn't bad, either. I liked it, but it's not a movie I'd go back to dozens of times.
  12. The original version of the song will always sit on this remix, and I always was in the minority who liked her look in the original video, but she looks MUCH better with the ponytail in this video. Can't believe 2013 was 8 years ago.
  13. This interview along with the one he did with Janet in 2004 was by far the most cringing talk show interviews I've ever seen.
  14. They look so adorable! I'm just glad she has someone like him in her life.
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