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  1. IDK but every kelly fan i’ve come across on twitter (and even reddit!) hates that song with a burning passion and i just don’t get it but on second thought, i wouldn’t call it a top 3. it’s a good song but i forgot the existence of Move You for a sec
  2. no wayyy someone who likes Honestly!! i feel like that song is one of her best and most underrated. i ADORE kelly’s music, so it’d be reaaaally hard to pick a top 3 but 1. Honestly 2. Cry 3. Run Run Run (controversial but idon’t get the hate for this song honestly )
  3. holy **** did she actually wear that first outfit honestly sometimes i wonder if she actually looks in the mirror before going on stage... instead of just grabbing the nearest piece of clothing and rushing back on stage honestly if she had REALLY REALLY good (or decent) costumes the tour wouldn’t have been that big of a mess.
  4. is it just me or did she finally take her extensions out?
  5. i feel like nobody talks about how FLAWLESS her hair is in the boys mv!! like the ponytail and her wavy hair i miss her good hair days
  6. This might sound funny to a non-fan but it’s funnier to us because we know this could actually happen
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsOGMGIAXLe/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=zguxfu5o8jk2 Wish her all the best though.
  8. I love Britney and whenever I see someone bashing her dancing skills, I get really mad and try to defend her. But honestly now I’ve come to the point where I accept it because it’s become too obvious that she’s really, really, REALLY lazy. People are paying so much and there are some who even travel from around the world just to see her, and she just gives them... that? I cannot make excuses for her anymore, even if she is bored of the show she could change things up a bit. If she can change the Toxic choreo, why can’t she do the rest. At least i can overlook it if the costumes and makeup were great, but it isn’t HALF decent. If I were to go the show I’d be so embarassed to post pictures, to think that’s Britney Spears herself in front of me. Still love her though, but just have to accept the fact that her time is up.
  9. As much as you guys hate POM, do remember it helped Britney gain her confidence back. Y’all saying you would take FFT over POM are just pressed to see what the show has become. Chill out.
  10. Yet some fans still call her a "humble queen"
  11. I mean the original is iconic, but this is a bop though
  12. As mediocre as it is, I bop to it once in a while
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