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  1. They're disrespectful towards us for sure. Remember Larry's "It just didn't work" comment after the whole Make Me (original video) situation? After teasing fans on Instagram and even having Perez Hilton tease the video? Along with many other things. BUT, you guys believed these rumors. 1st, what the **** is "Apple Pie" and are we sure it's really a thing or are we just assuming things based on rumors and apple emojis? 2nd, there have been no official confirmation or even teasers of anything other than non-official twitter accounts. Personally, I don't care whether they deny or confirm these rumors. If it's supposed to be a surprise release then let it be a surprise release. I'm so glad I haven't believed or invested my time and energy with these rumors, I don't even believe there's an Apple Pie/Tree to begin with, I'd rather wait and see/hear for myself when something is officially released.
  2. Umm.. hell no. She's rooting for K-fed to get the monthly $40k and she's very vocal about it. She constantly brings up her past every time there's a Britney topic even though it has nothing to do with what she's saying about her at the moment. She made fun of her kids saying they have horrible teeth. Bald Britney picture is always shown whenever she talks about her regardless of whether it's relevant or not. She's constantly making assumptions about Britney and her source is RadarOnline which Britney called out for being liars. She may praise Britney here and there but that doesn't take away all the things she said and keeps saying about her.
  3. Am I the only who doesn't see the big deal with this? It's photoshopped/airbrushed a bit more than needed but it's obviously Britney. Only casual fans and the gp would question it.
  4. Selena Gomez - She's totally a stan and deserves it, plus she has bops of her own. Drake - Passionfruit and One Dance are my jams. I need something in similar JB - His recent songs have been awesome Camilla - Although I'm sure Camilla's obnoxious stans will come for Britney's vocals to make Camilla look good, they have similar baby voices and it might actually work! Also Rihanna and Charlie Puth.
  5. Cher and Jlo did good but I'm sorry Madonna wasn't funny nor a good actress judging from that episode, just my opinion. I think Britney did a better job and she was really funny. Debrah is kinda trippin'.
  6. I guess it's because I've experienced things in life that made me feel like most people are not good in general. I don't think people are born evil, but they choose to be evil. Evil generally seems more interesting to people. Being shady, "savage", rude, careless about everything and everyone etc. are things that many people want to be these days (imo). Also, many things are wrong in the world and nobody, even the rich and powerful, is trying to stop it or at least try to minimize the issues. For instance, I wish that nobody was homeless and broke and that everybody gets the luxury of actually using a proper bathroom (some people are so poor they live in tents in the desert and have to s--t and pee next to rock, they can't even shower or wash their hands, that's not normal and it's unfair). Is it possible for people to stop it? I don't think so. But can they minimize it? Yes, a lot, but nobody really cares. Actually I don't mind the "philosophy lecture", it's a complex issue. We're talking about 7 billion people with different personalities and feelings and categorizing them as either good or evil or whatever. So it was interesting to read. Thanks!
  7. No, but if they're out of line then yes. Letting people think they can say whatever they want to say about you and crossing the line without consequences only makes it worse.
  8. THIS. Nowadays, people are generally drawn to evil characters in films and TV shows, being "savage" (as in saying rude **** that people consider truthful) is the coolest thing ever, being sensitive and considerate means being "politically correct", people tend to make fun of other people just to hide their own insecurities etc. etc. The majority of people in the world are just mostly evil. But sometimes when people are out of line you have to fire back (Britney rarely does), 'cause it only gets worse when you give people the impression that you're just going to let them get away with it every time.
  9. I don't care as long as it's not BJ vocals aka Myah Marie ft. Britney Spears But I feel like we're getting something similar to Glory in terms of vocals
  10. She'll probably also use a lot of old songs she recorded when she did Glory but never made it on the album That way she won't have to spend a lot of time recording
  11. Maybe Glory didn't age like Blackout or ITZ but it definitely aged better than FF don't even try to diss Glorificus to make Fat Female look better. FF was great for 2011, but it got stuck there.
  12. This is way better than the lyrics breakdown one. Slay.
  13. When I heard the snippet I thought it was amazing, then when the album came out I thought it was "okay" compared to some other songs. But a year later I think it's one of my favorites off the album. The instrumental is beautiful tbh
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