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  1. damage control I see
  2. it was a reference of this other iconic moment in her career
  3. watch her leave in a race car this time
  4. joe sp

    event ET Canada's commentary on Domination

    "2013 Vegas announcement appreciation thread" coming soon
  5. joe sp

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

  6. joe sp

    I’m gonna meet Britney on my Birthday!!!

    and I will be here waiting for your meltdown
  7. sorry but I´ll have to wait and see
  8. Not me... I rather spent my money on better things
  9. Mario: Hi Britney Britney: Hi Mario Mario: congrats on your new show Britney: thank you Mario: why Domination tho? Britney: I don´t know... I think it´s just a name Mario: What can we expect? Britney: a lot of costume changes, tons of choreo and a lot of surprises, it´s gonna be the best show that I´ve ever done Mario: do we have the setlist already? Britney: you´ll have to wait and see Mario: are you... Britney: Gotta go, bye, take care
  10. Don´t care... I`m not gonna go see her anyway
  11. I wanna be part of her team tbh... they do a shitty job but still get paid good money
  12. Thank God I didn´t stay up to watch this mess This is so going to be my coming out story, I´m gonna hang a poster on my bedroom door that says "I´m gay" then go straight to my car and leave
  13. joe sp

    news Britney Teases New Vegas Residency!

    A residency based on her prime Bless us Queen
  14. Can´t wait for the thread "Guess Britney´s tics and zumba steps of the new residency"