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  1. Just do it. It’s worth it. And some of those 23 tracks are interludes (you know how she does)
  2. Here’s the thing: his music, I adore. I hate that he still hasn’t stood up for Janet but what I really hate is “Say Something”. So you’re BLATANTLY gonna say you’re not gonna use your platform to stand up for what’s right? Oh ok
  3. They can Google, I’m sure. Save your breath. Africans weren’t shipped only to America. Also, many jumped ship and swam to various islands and continents to avoid slavery. Tbh, I don’t think there is a single pure race left. We’re all walking melting pots.
  4. Or if you can get in touch with the people over at britneyspearsmedia.ru, they might be able to point you in the right direction, since they have both of these on their site.
  5. Maybe this person has it? 🤷🏽 this video was posted in 2014. It’s worth a shot 👍🏽
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