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  1. ALL 👏🏽 OF 👏🏽 THIS!!! Here I am and TAGG are her most ICONIC works. Emphasis on Here I Am tho
  2. 💀 💀 💀 literally EVERY “unearthing” mentioned here happened either alongside or soon after Jlo’s releases lol. Frickin toddlers learned how to use the internet and think they discovered Canada PWUAHAHA Why is this on the front page?!!!
  3. Ok!!! 👏🏽 I can be here for an extended storytelling! I can’t wait. I’m not gonna watch the trailer. I wanna go in with no expectations.
  4. I shuffled my library the other day and “Take It From Here” came on then I climbed down the rabbit hole lol. That album is classic.
  5. This is reason #1 I don’t have Jack’d, Grindr, etc.
  6. her foot is still healing so she can’t move like she normally does but she tried. Or was so obvious she was holding back. Plus it’s SNL lol all available nerves were on deck
  7. Call me a conspiracy theorist but... I think Trump is behind the leak. He’s a sore loser and probably got mad seeing social media wish Melania well after contracting COVID. *Kanye Shrug*
  8. Let’s not do that. Diet pills was my course of action when I attempted... Pays to have overbearing cousins in the next room.
  9. Maybe he’ll adjust his feelings about this pandemic now that it’s entered his home. Then maybe the rest of the country will fall in line and take this more seriously!
  10. I never get tired of Beyoncé praise lol. It’s when they (the Hive) get online and try to rewrite history lol
  11. The Lemonade season is what introduced me to Dissect and I was SOOO blown away with their analysis that I hit the Kendrick seasons. It’s actually the To Pimp a Butterfly that helped my depression a bit. All of the positivity and knowledge that I missed even after hearing the album a ga-gillion times - WHEW! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
  12. Whew finally some context. I just wanted u to make it make sense lol. I heard about the comments she made previously but never knew what she said (you know how u keep scrolling after u read the headline?). So when the magic A-word came up, I’m like “well what’s that gotta do with the price of rice?!?!” But now your first post makes sense and I see where u are coming from.
  13. Yes, a natural ending. The baby wasn’t aborted. I think that’s where I’m getting disconnected from what you’re saying. so wait... am I gathering that you think this is an act of karma? Otherwise, I don’t see the point of bringing up abortion in a topic about stillbirth. Again, let me know if I’m reading too far or too little into what you’re saying. I swear I just wanna understand.
  14. That sounds... unrelated. Or maybe I misunderstood your original post. I’ve never known anyone to have an abortion and not be terribly sad but that’s just my personal experience. My best friend looked like Chrissy does in this picture. Stillborn... abortion... I don’t think anyone walks out of either unscathed. disclaimer: I’m neither for nor against abortion. Everyone has their reasons for the choices they make in THEIR life. In a wide scope, no one is right or wrong. I thought the “great” thing about this country (I’m American) was having the freedom to choose your own future. In my short 34 years, this place’s “do as I say, not as I do” functionality still amazes me lol
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