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  1. *UPDATE FROM MADONNA'S AMAA ON REDDIT* "LuvMDNA, Is there a new album coming in 2014?" "_Madonna, there might be...my creative juices are flowing...." "ehrgeiz91, Pharell Williams once said he suggested to Daft Punk that they should produce for you. Frankly, it would be the ultimate fucking collaboration, ever. Would you consider it?" "_Madonna I would love to work with Daft Punk... just waiting for them to return my call"
  2. New Madonna album? :wtfff: A year after MDNA? :laughinatu: No way in hell! :thatisfalse: A little history lesson: American Life 2003, Confessions on a Dance Floor 2005, Hard Candy 2008, Celebration 2009 (A Greatest Hits with 2 New songs), MDNA 2012, 13thAlbum 2015-1? Now her #SecretProject could be some sort of political one off single but that's one song not an album. And her ad in Japan, the "MDNA Skin" seems to be for some perfume and/or makeup merchandise. After all that then she's going to go on break then (maybe) in 2015 she'll start recording her 13th album. :kisskiss:
  3. Hilary Duff is an Angel of music. Can't wait for "Album 5"
  4. Attention flops that think theres a super secret new world order sociality that EVERYONE knows the name of plz: Its just annoying.
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