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  1. Isla.

    music Britney Talks New Music!

    Very cool interview
  2. Isla.

    other Favourite Britney song?

    If I had to pick one, then Gimme More
  3. Jordan I literally just graduated with a degree in journalism so I’m very interested in writing something! I also wrote showbiz articles for an online student publication this year
  4. THIS is the best pic. Why aren't they using this one for the ad?
  5. Isla.

    exhale Got Milk?

  6. I'm graduating university tomorrow!!!

  7. Isla.

    Here Are The Nominations For The 2018 VMAs

    Yeah and the Logic and Alessia Cara song got nominated last year too.
  8. Isla.

    Here Are The Nominations For The 2018 VMAs

    MTV always bend the rules for Beyonce.
  9. Isla.

    Here Are The Nominations For The 2018 VMAs

    MTV love her so it was expected. LWYMMD not being nominated for VOTY was a shock.
  10. Finally a nice thread on here for once. Dd never mind the threads got merged
  11. You’re cancelled for referring to her in a derogatory manner. I get that you’re annoyed but YIKES
  12. It’s probably just a set of commercials for the fragrance lbh.
  13. Has she been reading Exhale? Queen came to prove us all wrong.
  14. It was only a single in France instead of I Love Rock N Roll. But I think for the most part it's not regarded as an 'official' single for that reason. Especially because the video was just a performance. That's Where You Take Me was also only a single in the Philippines.