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  1. Okay just saw the Insta post, don’t really know how to feel tbh. The video does look old. Idk why I think that though.
  2. Oh she posted on Insta? That’s interesting. Yeah it could be old as a sort of cover up. Who knows.
  3. Okay this thread had a massive increase overnight (again). What did I miss?
  4. This isn't really the right time to announce this tbh.
  5. Isla.

    exhale Write for BreatheHeavy!

    I've applied!
  6. But it has Girls Aloud and Hannah Montana on it so I stan
  7. Sooo can someone fill me in on what happened today? I was at work so couldn't really check the thread.
  8. Eurgh that’s ridiculous. These fans are not crazy, we’re just concerned about what’s going on.
  9. Thanks! I’ll watch this when I have the chance. I have to go to to work first.
  10. Does anyone have any news from the protest? I had to go to sleep, also everytime I leave Exhale for a few hours this thread increases by like 50 pages