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  1. I thought Maroon 5 were doing it? Oh well, it would have been nice for her 20th anniversary but it’s very unlikely she’d do it now.
  2. Isla.

    socialney MJ & Brit

    I don't think he minded performing early on in his career but he got overworked so I can see why he didn't want to tour anymore. He should never have agreed to do so many shows for the This Is It residency before he died. Wasn't he supposed to be doing 50?
  3. I loved Meet Miley Cyrus when it first came out and it's not really a straight rock album, definitely more pop rock sounding and teen pop lol. And yeah I seem to remember her saying she regretted the Vanity Fair photoshoot but then later saying she doesn't regret it... she can't make her mind up lol.
  4. Yeah I agree with everything you've said so far in this thread. At least Britney has stayed true to herself as you said, I've never seen her regret or be hypocritical about past eras. And if that's true about Miley wanting to do a rock album, then that's ridiculous. How was she gonna be taken seriously? She was still only 14/15 at the time and was a Disney star, record label executives had to do what was best for her and that was for her to record teen pop songs, she still also had a lot of young girls looking up to her at the time and she had to set an example to them, remember the whole controversy over her Vanity Fair photoshoot in early 2008? And then of course as you said when Britney made her comeback she all of a sudden seemed to 'like' pop music. Eurgh I really don't get her.
  5. She's such a hypocrite. She seems to diss all of her past eras whenever she's moved on to the next one. Remember when Bangerz came out and she said it was her 'debut album' because she wanted to forget about her past albums? But she still performed Party In the USA and Can't Be Tamed on the Bangerz Tour Then when Younger Now came out she claimed she was over hip hop and making hip hop inspired music, that she regretted the Wrecking Ball video, stopped smoking weed etc. now all of a sudden she's doing a hip hop inspired album or a Bangerz 2.0 album, is back on weed, seems to be dressing racy again (she performed topless with only a jacket covering her boobs on SNL)... I don't get it. Yes it's true that sex sells (and there's nothing wrong with an artist being sexy) and that's partly why the Bangerz era was so successful for her (accompanied by the fact she had catchy pop songs such as Wrecking Ball) but I feel like people are going to lose respect for her if she just becomes trashy again, especially after she started to show such maturity with her image and music during the Younger Now era.
  6. This happens a lot in the music industry where a song will be recorded by one artist and then not used for their album, and then passed over to another artist. It's just unfortunate it's happened quite a lot with J Lo. But the whole thing with stealing the samples Mariah was going to use was really shady. I do blame Tommy Motola though as he helped J Lo become successful and wanted revenge on Mariah because their relationship failed.
  7. Kylie turned it down, she didn't record it. That doesn't mean Britney 'stole' the song. It happens all the time in the music industry, a song is offered to a recording artist but sometimes they may not like it and pass it on and it's given to someone else.
  8. Isla.

    rumor B10 IS COMING

    I mean the post says the tracklisting is finalised but then the album won't come out until Autumn next year, if the tracklisting was finalised wouldn't it be released sooner? So yeah, this is fake
  9. Isla.

    other Is Britney a one-hit wonder?

    I mean I feel like the thread title would only be appropriate if it was 1999.
  10. Isla.

    other Britney’s perfumes

    Oh that's great to hear! I'm getting another bottle of it for Christmas
  11. Isla.

    exhale Britney had to fight for MATM and Toxic

    MATM is my least fave Britney lead single but it's still miles better than Outrageous. That song would not have worked as a lead single at all. And yeah I'm glad Britney was able to release Toxic, it literally had 'single potential' written all over it and became one of her biggest hits. I can't believe Jive/her team weren't even considering to release it.
  12. Yeah I agree, if Instagram was around in the late 90s/early 2000s she probably would have had near or plus 100m followers and loads of likes on her photos.
  13. All of those people have more followers than Britney so they tend to get 1m+ likes on their photos. Britney has achieved 1m likes on some of her posts.
  14. Isla.

    other Just bought this Britney shirt

    Where is this from? I like the design.
  15. Isla.

    exhale Jonathan Ross interview 2016

    She said how she felt she wasn’t in control of her own decisions nowadays because of the people around her, but with Glory they allowed her to work with songwriters/producers that she wanted to. Or something like that.