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  1. He’s always been one of my fave artists besides Britney. His songs have helped me through some tough times. Some tend not to realise he was going through his own struggles at the same time as Britney’s breakdown (he had a near fatal overdose in December 2007).
  2. I deffo need to rewatch some of her old DVDs at some point. I have Live and More on DVD too and always loved the little segments inbetween the actual concert.
  3. You gave Before the Goodbye and Don’t Hang Up an 11, let’s be friends
  4. Isn't this obvious? I feel like it's only now I've been able to appreciate the true beauty of this song.
  5. Ohh my bad ddd why did you quote my post in another language?
  6. I exercise at home but most of the stuff I do isn’t that great. I need to find more challenging things to burn more calories but I don’t know where to start.
  7. Hawaii looks beautiful and it’s obviously a place she’s familiar and comfortable with which is why she goes there a lot. I know people who tend to go to the same place for their holiday.
  8. Isla

    True Crime

    That’s so sad, I hate seeing animals mistreated. At least Joe Exotic got what he deserved
  9. I think Cathy Dennis co-wrote the unreleased All the Way which was recorded for Blackout, so pretty sure it wasn’t just ITZ. I think Freescha were involved in Follow My Fingers as well.
  10. Oh damn, might have to check that out. Also not forgetting when she kissed that boy on American Idol and made him feel uncomfortable. I just hope motherhood makes her into a better person.
  11. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is my absolute favourite, rewatching it on Disney+ atm. Also love Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven.
  12. Isla

    True Crime

    Does Tiger King count as true crime? I watched it earlier this year and it was seriously crazy, I feel sorry for the poor animals who were caught up in that mess.
  13. Isla

    True Crime

    I watch Eleanor Neale too!! Also Bella Fiori is worth checking out.
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