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  1. Considering the shady going ons that happen on the dark web, I'd advise staying well away from there.
  2. Yeah I agree, unfortunately I don't think the GP remember this album that well even though it did well back when it was released. It's a shame as it's such an underrated album imo
  3. Basically when Britney had to pull out of the PCA's in 2016 or 2017 (can't remember the exact year) because she was ill, a fan DM'd her saying 'you're not really sick are you? Why don't you actually care about your fans?' and Britney replied saying 'you're no real fan' but I think it was confirmed fake. I don't think Britney even checks her DM's on there lol, or Twitter for that matter.
  4. Ooh interesting. So it looks as if it is a streaming service now? That’s interesting.
  5. Napster is still a thing? I thought that was a programme to illegally download music (like Limewire).
  6. DEAD I will never unsee it now. The Sweetener World Tour looked pretty good actually.
  7. I'm from Europe and I've never heard of this song lol. Although listening to it now the beginning sounds like Madonna's part a bit. Which is funny because Justice did a remix of MATM for B in the Mix. I know Move Your Feet though, that song is a BOP EDIT: Wikipedia says it's a sample???
  8. SAME I used to love this song. What happened to her?
  9. I love these! Especially the Britney era ones!
  10. Stronger but love the Overprotected Darkchild remix and My Prerogative ones too
  11. Sad to hear you won't be a part of BreatheHeavy anymore but I'm glad Xray survives elsewhere. I don't know what I would do without it tbh! Thanks for all the hard work in keeping the gallery alive!
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