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  1. I think there's only two other songs in her discography I'd like more than Toxic, as Toxic is one her best songs to me: Gimme More and Overprotected.
  2. Isla.

    other We lost a member of the B-Army (RIP KINGNACIO)

    Why would you even suggest that?
  3. Isla.

    other We lost a member of the B-Army (RIP KINGNACIO)

    Omg!! I remember people on here used to laugh at him for going to M&G’s so many times, but regardless someone has died and that’s so sad. He was so young. May he rest in peace.
  4. Isla.

    rumor About Rebllion...

    Jesus christ this is creepy af where did you find all this info?
  5. Isla.

    music The Underlying Darkness of "Femme Fatale"

    As already mentioned, I don’t think the title was meant in a negative way. But I think the FFT also portrayed the meaning of the term ‘femme fatale’ pretty well.
  6. Isla.

    rumor About Rebllion...

    I'm not sure, I've never heard of them speaking about the song before.
  7. Isla.

    rumor About Rebllion...

    If you mean this video, it's a 50 second snippet (that Britney posted on her website in 2006) looped. The full version of the song is NOT online (I would have said never leaked, but considering the posts on this thread then I don't think that's a fair thing to say).
  8. Not one to quote my own post, but I was looking through Discogs and it turns out there's this UK 'special edition' of the album with a bonus DVD and the Darkchild Remix is a bonus track? I'm from the UK and I had no idea about this version. It's also missing Before the Goodbye (which is on the standard edition of the album, it's on my copy). https://www.discogs.com/Britney-Spears-Britney/release/10238461
  9. Isla.

    rumor About Rebllion...

    Yes, Jeff Durnad confirmed a final version exists that was produced by Scott Storch. See here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140101224007/https://unreleasedbritney.4mg.com/songs.html
  10. Isla.

    rumor About Rebllion...

    I mean it could be that, but I remember Jeff Durand saying he wanted to release the song himself but Sony/RCA/Britney's team refused to give him the rights to release it.
  11. Isla.

    other Just imagine...

    Patience darling....
  12. Isla.

    other Sooo I’m Shopping...

    My local Tesco doesn’t even play music
  13. I can honestly relate to this right now
  14. Tbh I feel like Inside Out didn’t need that much choreo anyway. And yeah Criminal should have been performed cause it was a single, it’s weird it wasn’t.
  15. Isla.

    rumor About Rebllion...

    I read he fell off a hotel balcony. And yeah I’ve heard about this before, the other producer (Jeff Durand) mentioned this in an interview that sometimes the song would get uploaded in full but then taken down quickly. Very strange.