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  1. What is wrong with her? Her brother is also a rapist and she also supports 6ix9ine who molested an underage girl. She is actually insane.
  2. Isla.

    exhale Jonathan Ross interview 2016

    I loved this interview, she looked very comfortable throughout. Shame the stuff about the cship was cut out.
  3. They’re okay but they look too similar to some of the outfits she wore on POM. I wish she could wear costumes similar to the ones she wore on DWAD again.
  4. The song is very of its time, and had that distinctive Max Martin production that was popular in the late 90s/early 2000s. So I doubt it. Obviously if Britney was 17 today and releasing her debut single it’d sound more akin to today’s pop music productions.
  5. Isla.

    other I saw Britney today!

    AHHH you're so lucky! Congrats
  6. Isla.

    other New Forever 21 Shirt and Hoodie

    Eurgh no! I was about to ask if you could get them in the UK at least H&M do the Britney shirt over here.