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  1. I mean... she also shouted out "Merry Christmas" in like March during the Circus tour, so...
  2. I really wonder about her. She seems to be such a beautiful person inside and out yet she always seems to look so sad. And just... bored. But what do I know.
  3. I mean... it’s cute but Gimme More, Toxic, Womanizer, Slave, OIDIA, BOMT, TTWE, Everytime, Circus, etc>>>>S&S
  4. The show isn’t much different from her career. Stale and way overdue for change. SPEAKIng of, Jordan’s what the actual **** is wrong with this busted *** mobile site?
  5. You know I really don't know which is worse, the semi-stiff simple dancing and horrendous wigs of the original POM or the complete **** show its turned into with the bored AF looking Britney, twitching, f**king with hair every .9 seconds and scrapping songs/choreo every 3 shows
  6. I stan the memory of Britney Spears. May she rest in piss.
  7. I'll always be a fan of Britney pre-2012 even though she's had her moments since then, I've pretty much come to the decision she is a tired-*** showgirl at this point. The only reason I'm still checking is because she has always had ups and downs but as has been stated in this thread already... it's getting just plain bad.
  8. It’s been there for years now, but still soooo random. Its almost like walking around and seeing an ad for “The Little Mermaid - own it on VHS today!” at Disneyland. Side note: Am I the only person experiencing just an overall shitty time with the mobile version of this site? It’s got lag for days and the ads are embarrassingly intrusive and excessive... also for some reason my keyboard autocorrects with nonsensical words and phrases and the whole keyboard disappears while typing. No such issue with any other sites. Typing this post has taken 15 minutes
  9. That whole thing was a cringe fest. She looked cute though.
  10. Someone should tell her about the "floor is lava" thing except.. hair... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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