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  1. Agreed. All you idiots sleeping on her, get with it. Who’s Laughing Now and Kings & Queens are bops
  2. Sorry if this has already been said and talked about ..... but didn’t that mars guy say something about Britney’s team doing one last major cash grab since they know the end is near of their control ? This would be insane
  3. I agree with this one high fashion wise. This was such a look
  4. Haters are gonna hate but hold it against me has such a good bridge. 2:30 - the end of the song is pure bliss 🌸 especially 2:46 - the drop . and you know what? criminal also has an amazing bridge
  5. I have positive feelings because this is such a small platform (the Instagram only has like 3,000 followers) but also. I don’t expect him to say much of anything and if he does... I hope it’s not a set up . The comments from the account holders is encouraging though. im anxious.
  6. Hmmm well imagine if she was actually your friend and you couldn’t see her or talk to her unless you signed one .... personally speaking, if she was my close friend, I’d prolly sign the NDA just to make sure she was okay with my own eyes . pure manipulation these people have over everyone. Unreal
  7. If she’s as unwell as TMZ is saying with their crappy article, why is she even allowed to drive at all? #freebritney
  8. Appreciate his support but .... He’s a great example of the sexism that exists regarding Britney’s conservatorship. Didn’t he threaten to kill his brothers unborn baby and then proceed to buy a bunch of guns?? ....how is it that he hasn’t been put in a conservatorship?
  9. Yes because he’s been making her work for the last 12 years . If she truly is incapacitated, there’s no reason anything past Blackout should have happened
  10. 100% Little Mix. In America at least those girls are everything & more and I’m still irked that LM5 was slept on in the states it’s truly one of my favorite records of the last 10 years
  11. Get ready guys. I think #freebritney is about to make a huge comeback & ****s gonna get crazy!!!! so many people have been asking me about this in the last few days
  12. I have a feeling a lot of the stuff that the gp didn’t pay attention too is gonna start coming up as breaking news.... jamie better watch out
  13. I put the wink in there for a reason. I love all the custom Britney doll designers out there
  14. @britneyspearsdolls is better edit: this was supposed to be funny and sassy. The other dolls are great too! Love them all
  15. That is NOT WHAT A CONSERVATORSHIP IS FOR. we all have bad people in our lives . Get a restraining order or boost up security conservatorships are not put in place so “bad people” can be kept away. They are for people who need care because they can’t care for themselves or manage their finances . there are other ways to keep bad people out of her life without taking away all her rights as a human being
  16. I just miss them .... also thankful for eat pray Britney for sticking around
  17. Here’s how I look at it .... either way Britney is being screwed IF SHE IS INCAPACITATED: the last 12 years of her performing, promoting and being active makes no sense IF SHE ISNT INCAPACITATED: the last 12 years of over Control and decision making that is made for her makes no sense either way she is being screwed by the justice system and something needs to be done about it
  18. If this song had been tweaked and finished a little bit.... I think a music video for this song would have been FIRE! I always imagined her doing to period piece to this of controversial historic figures like cleopatra, Marie Antoinette Etc...... could have been cool. one of my fave demos . Wish it would have been finished
  19. I agree they should have made a more firm statement saying they would not be making any more episodes. They’ve continued with their other podcast Lady 2 Lady... it shocks me they haven’t even done a check in since January but I also understand That legal issues might have gotten in the way. it sucks but I guess it is what it is
  20. She did have her phone today (or at least her security did) saw it on that paparazzi video of her running around in the park . Weird coincidence
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