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  1. if that's the case nothing posted on this forum has merit and should be posting considering it's almost always conjecture so again go f**k yourself

    I agree.

    Its users like you that get your hopes up and end up coming for Britney because you feed into the bullshit that is spewed out in magazines.

    it's all rumors and speculations and yet you guys still find a way to somehow form an opinion without realizing that its utter bullshit.

  2. Proof that the music industry is no longer a raw, gifted talent extruder. More like a money sucking, take-a-quasi-supermodel chick-between-the-ages of 12-21-sex her up-record her horrible voice-and-use state-of-the-art equipment to alter her voice into sounding like pre-21st century Whitney Houston-Shoot a video of her masturbating-and-force youth to buy the album through brainwashing promotion-mechanism.