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  1. As European I will say Katy. Katy was SO HUGE here since Hot’n’Cold till Chained to the Rhythm... Taylor only in mid 10’s got bigger attention (since I Knew You Were from Red and 1989 era), that gave her big explore here. Now she is not so big, I would say she is at the same level as Enrique Iglesias, I didn’t hear her latest Willow or Cardigan on radio here. She got her numbers by steams but she is not on radio or tv (at least in my country). Surprisingly here a lot of Kylie Minogue here - Magic and Real Groove got so good airplay, that I don’t know. Is someone on radio in love with her? But it couldn’t be on all local radio stations, could it be?
  2. I think he dissapointed with his songs many of POP music Lovers. The really good era was his 2nd album from **** Back to 4 Minutes with Madonna. Then he just went off. The dissatisfaction with his music was because of advertising him as next Michael Jackson or George Michael for pop prince. Looking back as Pop prince (or king) I see that time Robbie Williams, Enrique Iglesias or Darren Hayes ( not in commercial point of view ). I
  3. Acer

    Cancel Culture

    I still listening Michal Jackson, so he isn’t cancelled for me. about others - if I don’t like them it doesn’t mean that they need be cancelled or disappeared. Each person have a right to choose - listen/watch or not.
  4. She sounds somehow strange with that granny’s voice, why??? Looks awesome and song is one of the best in years from her!
  5. Here are my most listened to artists 1) Kylie Minogue 2) Dua Lipa 3) Ace Of Base 4) Алёна Апина 5) Дмитрий Маликов Top 10 most streamed songs 1) Прощай - Алёна Апина 2) Hurricanes - Dido 3) Я Не Боюсь - Сергей Лазарев 4) Like A Drug - Kylie Minogue 5) No Good Lover - Ace Of Base 6) Love Again - Dua Lipa 7) Бонни и Клайд - Сергей Лазарев 8) Последняя Поэма - Комбинация и Татьяна Иванова 9) Love In December- Ace Of Base 10) Ты Одна, Ты Такая - Дмитрий Маликов
  6. In Europe Backstreet Boys were so so huge, and NSYNC was known only as “band with tour where Britney Spears was opener”. I remember that at school almost every girl had Backstreet Boys MC (original or pirate with different cover of course) but no one had MC of NSYNC before Bye, Bye, Bye came out...
  7. I doubt that Brian is raciest. If the support Trump, it doesn’t mean that they are the raciests! Some Twitter accounts so toxic because of new release. No one can’t forbid Britney speak by herself (she could give hot interview anyone paparazzi if she wanted or at red carpet last time with Sam, if she quite then she isn’t a prisoner and maybe are ok with things that she has now. What if she doesn’t want to work anyway - if Jamie is near or not.
  8. I love both albums! Future Nostalgia since May on repeat at my CD player, Disco is only 4 weeks old. Both album good and fresh, but for my taste Disco is more closer to my heart. I vote for Disco. Yes, I would like to hear new Britney’s songs like Piece Of Me, Shattered Glass or Hard To Forget Ya or What You Need... We need Britney’s adult Disco
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