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  1. OMG, she got hard times in toilet as I hear her like that.
  2. No, just no. Bionic not good enough to be good album. Blackout is amazing album - each track is perfect, still sounds fresh and cool. It was really cool how Britney became so sexy on that record. p. Even Circus is far far better then Bionic!
  3. JLO is cool! I like her Waiting For Tonight or Baila or One Love. Without JLo some songs weren’t too big as they now! JLo is far far better that Mrs. Carey
  4. A music video for the song was rumored to have been filmed in January 2001 by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.[The video was never released; however, a promotional CD single for the song was released in the United Kingdom in January 2001 - written in Wikipedia
  5. 1) Original Doll 2) She’ll Never Be - was it for Britney re-release or not? 3) original videos for Gimme More and Make Me
  6. I agree with Diane Warren! Please no more naked body for some time. That is why my favourite band is Ace Of Base that didn’t fight attention with nakedness...
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