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  1. it truly f**king was though, i can't understand what happened.
  2. Well, she clearly just learnt about the lipsync rumours last year because 2 interviewers told her about it for the very first time. Her team is clearly stupid enough to hide these things from her thinking they're protecting her. After being pissed and blaming us for not giving her credit for "singing live and dancing her ass off" she thought singing one song live made up for it and now she doesn't have to do it again cause it's all good. now filtered insta vids are the way to go So yeah, if she learns about us hating the Migos part she'll be like are they serious? this is the best part and i'm sweating so much during it cause i give my all and no one gives me credit for choreographing it
  3. I think that even if she gets criticized she'll either not learn about it, or she will and what she'll do is get rid of that part of the show. She won't think it's her fault, she'll think people dislike the remix. Britney never thinks she's to blame.
  4. we know that will never happen
  5. omg you guys just created something when she's not feeling it she's clearly britany and not Britney Spears
  6. kasavas

    event UK TV promo?

    I hope so but it's doubtful if she doesn't have new music to promote. I doubt she'd go there to promote the tour or the fragrance.
  7. ok so big announement revealed, it's the fragrance for sure. we're gonna see her looking like a mess, then we'll see her in that commercial looking bomb af why can't they use stylists and makeup artists like that for every interview and stuff?
  9. kasavas

    exhale Rank Britney's album covers

    sure all of them glory
  10. she wears them 2 sizes smaller cause she thinks it makes it tight and hot but in reality it just doesn't fit her and it makes her body stick out badly when in reality it's banging. god, other fandoms dont have to deal with these sh!t
  11. i read that in natasha basset's voice when she was screaming it to the paparazzi in that shitty britney movie god what's happening to me
  12. different angles. the crowd is lower than her so it's not a good angle, it makes anyone look a bit bigger
  13. did you actually watch any of the videos sis?
  14. omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  15. omg she took all her shitty outfits with her so she can wear different outfits and scare us every night we stan a troll
  16. check out katmont2 on instagram she's not live anymore but you can still see the live stream
  17. yesterday her energy was sh!t, let's be honest here. she was probably a nervous wreck tonight she's on fire
  18. what does larry have to do with the sound, do you think he's there playing dj as we speak? lol
  19. how rude is she for not sharing like what do you wanna do at a concert dance? bitch