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  1. Where are you now, FTBOMBH, Cinderella, Baby boy, Guilty, Shattered Glass, Womanizer
  2. I'm in! It's exciting, already can't wait for FF
  3. Since people keep editing her to make her look younger, I did the opposite. Here you go. Sorry
  4. yeah we know, I think that's why Lynne requested to see her medical records. Also Britney's former psychiatrist mysteriously died after Lynne requested this.
  5. Arrived fashionably late and read every single page. I liked the ranking. WYN was my 11, but I think we all did a good job and did the album justice. <3 Liar is one of my faves by Britney's whole discography, I just wish they would've kept her adlibs. In man on the moon I love the lyrics, they're so smart. The "I was in your arms so strong" (Neil Armstrong pun) is smart af
  6. Okay am I the only one who really likes her voice in S&M? Sounds so raspy and sexy.
  7. I'll never stop saying 2013 was one of her beauty peaks
  8. I know! In some of them I just got rid of the dark eye makeup, gave her decent eyebrows and gave her better hair and she looks fire.
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