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  1. kasavas

    Does someone have video of this gif?

    best thing i've ever read
  2. Like they'd ever let her be alone with him, or anyone She had Larry "protecting" her right next to her
  3. kasavas

    Piece Of Me DVD

    shitty edited? the queen looked like her 80's self, rebel heart tour dvd looked phenomenal
  4. kasavas

    news JLo Broke Britney's Record

    and this is how you know things are pretty fucked up with Britney's career
  5. kasavas

    music Am I the only one..

    suited her now she has an entirely different face and she looks more mature so I think a look like that wouldn't suit her as much, she'd look like the mean girls mum but yeah I did think this video was f**king dope at the time, and still do
  6. kasavas

    tour Underrated Dance Breakdown

    I liked TTWE more in that tour
  7. kasavas

    other "Secret Projects" and "Wait and See"

    I know right. She badly needs a new team, it's either now or she's over. But it won't happen As for the interviews, in my country celebs often say "I don't want to talk about my persona life" and they just talk about their opinions, views in life and career moves. Britney is like, ask me about my kids, my boyfriend and my workout! don't ask me anything about my career moves and personal opinions though it makes no sense
  8. that's horrible i wish people don't forget about this
  9. kasavas

    Mother Monster: Lady Gaga Is Ready To Be A Mom

    she deserves happiness!