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  1. yeah i personally believe that my ex has a lot of moral things wrong with him, but justifies it in his mind and honestly believes he is a good person. our relationship i did like him, but honestly the whole time, i didn't like him at all. i liked what he believed he was, but i didn't actually like who he was, as a person, whatsoever. there was always something wrong with him. and my god did he make me wait all the time for him. he had no concept of how other people don't want to wait on him. lol. i really do not like who he is, at all. the sex kept me coming back. i hate having sex with someone you realize that you don't like very much. because then you like this fantasy version of him, that exists in your mind and only because (i suppose) the chemical rush in the bedroom. i did not like being around him, WHATSOEVER!!! it is just so confusing. most of all, i am just confused by this whole relationship. i don't really like him very much, and he is actually a little bit stupid (in my mind). the day we broke up, i was driving to his house thinking, "i can't wait until this is over." it hurt afterwards. I personally believe that this is so confusing, because I have never felt confused over someone I just don't like very much. every single annoying thing he did (and he was 100% annoying, up to the last detail, literally), was justified because he would dance cutely with his pelvis and the promise of sex was basically telling me, "i'm so annoying, but we're going to have sex!" i have learned that i will never again allow a relationship to last once i realize i absolutely loathe the person i'm with, because sex is POWERFUL!!!!!!


    wow i really needed to read this. i've bookmarked it, thank you :crying5: