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  1. Because Madonna was supposed to pass the queen of pop music torch down to Britney symbolized by the VMA kiss (Xtina) was a failed plan B). Madonna treated Brit like her protégé, grooming her for the occult ritualistic underworld of the industry with a crash course in Kaballah (a favorite of Hollywood illuminati slaves). Britney was open to it at the time because she was in that "open to new experiences during college" free chill spirit phase of her life but quickly realized that, for a southern conservative girl who still goes to church and has always shown signs of being a (born-again?) Christian, Kaballah just isn't something that she wants invest any part of perself into. Complete different world-view self-centered "I am God" mentality that is directly opposed to her upbringing and personal views. Plus Madonna has sucked youthful energy from a ton of other young artists through collaboration, does that mean she has special bonds with all of them also. No. It's money. And publicity bump for her again decreasing relevance. (She comes out of her cave every 5-8 years with a new persona/gimmick for an album and tour then back into the cave for another vampire hibernation. Madonna ruined MATM by inviting herself into the project with no vision of the song for the future, except to mute all versions of the song in any YouTube video that includes the song at all. Psh Whore.
  2. Had to hunt through a lot of footage to find out that this was in Manchester. https://www.youtube.com/ktKdGdwp9N4
  3. This. Her free styling makes me cringe. Think POM breakdown on FFT....
  4. SMH that people care about Britney painting when it looks like Maddie did it
  5. Idk but that performance was so low-energy I think the toxic girl fell asleep!
  6. I tend to believe people when it comes to their chats with Fe. Me and be were last to leave the Axis after 10/15/2014 show and saw Fe for the first time and there was not many people around by then so me and bf went to say hi and I'm a huge fan etc. She is so nice and friendly and I was really surprised at how genuinely she seemed to care about us strangers. She was also overly-blown away about how cool she thought our camera was - and it's just a normal Samsung camera that's small and several years old. Well we ended up also going to the next show on Friday 10/17/14 cuz we got stuck in LA traffic and missed like half the Wednesday show and I almost killed myself I was beyond furious. Jlo was at that Friday show and Britney had WAY more energy and put on a much better show than the one two days before. We were the last to leave that show too and talked to Fe again and she was like "Hey you guys again! With the awesome camera!" and after bf mentioned how good she was the night, Fe told us that the reason Brit wasnt feeling the Wednesday show was because they had a big family cookout the day before and they all over-ate and were all tired etc. And plus since Jlo was there she definitely hammering it up and being more sassy. We all laughed cuz I can totally picture that all happening in my head. Then we both noticed that we both had empty bottles of ice tea in our hands cuz she was on her way to find some more to full it up and I was not quite done with mine (which was NOT full of ice tea during the show lol) So yeah, Fe is awesome and I believe the OP for the same reason nobody has to doubt what I just said.
  7. I actually think in general, the weakest part about Britney's music tends to be the bridges. They have a history of being random (Oops... that Titanic bridge sounds so weird listening to the song now without moving through its release or not at least watching the video) not in the same musical vibe as the rest of the song (3), or a jarring interruption from the energy that seems to just throw it all away (outrageous is the worst example of this - the bridge makes me cringe).
  8. Still one of my favorites. It's such a incredibly great catchy song.
  9. It's not the first time abortion rumors have surfaced as allegedly causing her mental and emotional distress leading to breakdown. And if you think forced abortions aren't something that happen in Hollywood, then you don't know the cruel world Britney has had to survive in for so long. From 2008: After Britney and Justin Timberlake broke up and she was living back in Louisiana, she had a fling with a local man -- and ended up pregnant. She desperately wanted to have a baby, but was advised it was bad for her career," said the insider. " Reluctantly, she had an abortion, and it has haunted her ever since. Justin was crushed when Britney told him she had an abortion. She said Justin was really hurt. He called her from time to time to give her emotional support, but they were never lovers again. Britney desperately wanted a husband and kids. It is the reason she married Kevin Federline after just meeting him. She was trying to catch up and to ease her guilt over the child she never had." Source: http://wendyista.blogspot.com/2009/02/britney-spears-talks-to-voices-in-her.html?m=1
  10. Only BJ song I still listen to TBH
  11. I'm not really counting on Artpop to be anything legendary, but I'll honestly say I hope she proves me wrong - I'd love to get some great work from her as she is a very talented songwriter. The Fame was such a fun, feel-good, fresh dance album that existed seemingly to make life more fun. That's the Gaga that I miss. She stepped up her musical artistry with The Fame Monster. That was quality songwriting there. IMO she peaked with "Bad Romance". That song marks her greatest achievement as an artist and that will (should) be the song she is remembered for. Epic song is epic. However, Born This Way was a mess. First, she talked up that album and herself for SO long before its release, calling it the best pop music of the decade and what not. I was not impressed at all, especially coming from TFM. It seemed like she was desperately trying to top herself by copying what worked for her before, and stealing from other artists. BTW was an obvious rip off of Express Yourself - there's no denying that. And Judas was a formulated phrase-by-phrase copy of Bad Romance, riding on the elements that made BR successful but failing completely. The album was way too "preachy" and pushed her gay spokesperson position down our throats. It tried being too controversial and conceptually metaphorical but it just didn't stick. The best tracks to me were "The Edge of Glory" and "Heavy Metal Lover". But flop promo cursed TEOG from the success it deserved and HML got zero recognition (TBH I'm not even sure what the song is about). So who knows what to expect from ArtPOP.
  12. ^THIS^It's like comparing apples to oranges. Britney pretty much created a new genre and type of pop star without even trying to do so. The "Britney Spears" legacy and brand is built entirely on the girl she naturally was born as. She just does what she wants and has never cared about what people think about her. Gaga's ENTIRE identity is based on her image and public perception - without her carefully-crafted persona she is NOTHING. Just in order to even have a hope of seeing stardom (which Gaga craves more than anything else) she had to change her name from the horrendous Stephanie Germonatta (no chance of fame) to Lady Gaga as well as completely overhaul her identity and persona. And let's not forget the fact that Gaga is only in her SECOND era/album (TFM is still only really her first album) and her popularity has faded hugely and people are genuinely sick of her, while Britney has released SEVEN albums and people are still drawn to her as a person, and will always be able to sell. Gaga's growing ego has become her downfall. She is no longer the artsy freak who stands for those who are considered outcasts (mostly just the gays though) - that's the image she used to get to the level she is now. Today Gaga is this avante-garde diva who has put herself on a self-righteous pedestal so high not even her gay boys can relate to her as much. But monsters will be monsters and her continued success is mostly due to her unrelenting queeny bitchy fan base.
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