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    It was just the perfume and the fact that if there was a club house reunion she would go unless there’s another segment
  2. I wasn't really feeling the shirts that Britney has on tour (they're also $$$), and I also wasn't really feeling the ones that were being sold at target, walmart, hot topic, or urban outfitters so I got one on Red Bubble and I think it's going to be perfect for when I go to POM. Worth mentioning is that my favourite Britney song is Slave so I kinda needed something that went along with that. Here it is! https://imgur.com/a/bgxjIdB (I have no idea how to put a photo in a post but this is a link to it)
  3. December02

    tour My prerogative wrist bands

    According to this Instagram post, people at this date were given my prerogative scented wrist bands! That’s pretty cool! Hopefully they keep that up with the next shows!
  4. December02

    tour Who’s going to see Britney in nyc ??

    Me, in the first mezzanine
  5. December02

    tour My prerogative wrist bands

    While we’re on the topic, why doesn’t she sell perfume at the Merch table?
  6. So she’s been putting out one clip per hour. I wonder if we’ll get more!
  7. I think she’s gonna announce the perfume with this video to promote it. I think she’ll then release music shortly after. I kinda wonder if she’ll do it when she’s in New York? You know, the big Apple? Maybe that’s just because I have concert tickets for NYC and am a hopeful person
  8. December02

    news The Washington Post Review of POM Tour

    Basically everybody that isn’t on here or on other pop music Internet forums loves it