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  1. So if people still want her out of a conservatorship, just wait until she’s out and then start it up again. Then they won’t be able to spin it the same way.
  2. Ok well I’m all for #freebritney and have been consumed by it and totally think she shouldn’t be in a conservatorship but if she’s alright with her arrangement then whatever. I’m pissed that it has been spun to be a negative thing but anyway I wish her the best
  3. The Phillip Defranco segment was good. He always seems to do rounded research so I appreciate his non partisan perspective. I personally don't think we should "leave britney alone" though. Her as a person, yes. The problem is that she's a team and a brand. Her team should not be left alone and we need to consider our relationship with her as a brand if we do not approve of how she is being treated as a person
  4. Lol they were talking about that stuff in one of their older podcasts that I was listening to yesterday
  5. I'm waiting for the "we don't care about your music" clip to be shown in isolation on national tv
  6. Is it possible that he isn't just a "good" person or a "bad" person? I mean it's possible that in some ways he was good for her and in others he wasn't? It's possible that he allowed her to do what she wanted with her career while also creating other issues in her life or in the lives of others? When you think about it, what kind of journalist would refuse to interview someone who has firsthand experience with a subject just because they're not a good person? Journalism, or whatever this is, is looking for truth so you need to get lots of sources and then critically determine what is credible, what lines up, etc. Ethically I don't know if he should be releasing emails because that's a little personal, but he is literally the person that would know about that era in her life. If you don't think it's credible, then fine, but interviewing him isn't the problem
  7. I don't know if this is a bad time to mention it but it looks like she recently got lip fillers... maybe she's just pushing out her top lip by frowning
  8. People are upset that we’re commenting on her looks but we’re not being critical in a superficial way. We think she looks bad in the sense that she doesn’t look “okay”
  9. New britney email leak between her and her father https://twitter.com/d4niellr
  10. Well we know that by like 2025 her kids will both be adults so they can't hold that over her head anymore