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  1. Good for her but it’s still weird that after 20 years in the industry she just starting to talk about how much weight she’s lost or wants to lose.
  2. How has exhale not received a cease and desist? Why is absolutebritney, sam lufti, and twitter being blamed for all of this when britneysgram, exhale, and idk, Lynn spears are much more damaging to their scheme?
  3. Imagine Jesus not being your favourite Biblical figure lol
  4. Honestly I think it's hard to sing her songs in general because she's famous due to improper singing techniques that make it hard to use while actually hitting notes/ having breath control
  5. I love it when my faves cross over
  6. She mostly walked around stage and people really critiqued that. The costumes/theme/production were the best we'll ever get but I think alot of people were disappointed because it was the first "return" and the dancing wasn't stellar. I think that's when she was put on more medication or something because she could dance in 2007 with full original choreo (M+M tour) and she was slaying the rehearsals for circus too. Honestly same with FF and POM rehearsals. I don't care to know if she has any mental health problems or what they're giving her, but it's just so evident that when they need her to go make them money she's a different person
  7. It makes me sad that she’s literally almost 40 and she’s insecure about looking the way she does. If this is her having more control over her posts then, well, I’m sure she’s been this insecure or more the whole time
  8. It has 2016 all over some tracks but they're well written so they're not just products of their time.
  9. I hate that old picture. It doesn't look like her now at all and didn't really look like her then. My avi should totally be the pic It's totally her team trying to sabotage her
  10. Just because mercy ministries is involved in things people don’t agree with/ are sketchy, doesn’t make it a cult. From what we’ve heard, it doesn’t seem to actually fit the criteria of an actual cult (even though it uses religion manipulatively for probable financial benefit). It doesn’t diminish the damage it’s probably caused in some peoples’ lives, but we lose credibility when we jump to conclusions that aren’t proven
  11. That was cute. When she's being goofy she comes across as really eccentric but I get her so yeah
  12. Well, this week's Britney's Gram should be interesting
  13. Well I guess this is something she’s allowed to speak out about so go off I guess
  14. She looks great as per usual but I mean there were videos from that day too so... maybe she was bloated and there was bad lighting/ unflattering swimwear/ bad angles?
  15. She looks the same? It’s from a different angle and the lighting is different. And we weren’t criticizing her body. A lot of people were saying she looked great and were mostly focusing on how happy she looked. This seems... off and so out of the blue. She never responded to any other comments on this sort of stuff before
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