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  1. Hey @Slayer! I'd like to play! I'm super thrilled! Thank you.
  2. We love you @Jordan Miller! You're this amazeball website's daddy!
  3. I'm a lurker! I don't post often but I can tell you that I come here every single day to read threads about Britney and I have to say that you guys make me laugh hard! I love the spirit of Breatheheavy and exhale since day one, I love Britney, I love @Jordan Miller and I love every single Britney stan! So Yes, there might be a lot of lurkers like me and no, I don't think it's gonna die anytime soon!
  4. And I'm 100% sure that if she was live singing some parts of it, she would be focus on her singing, pausing a little, not feeling so bored and in need of miming with her hands every single word of the lyrics. And the audience would be so excited to hear her singing live that they wouldn't mind the lack of dancing because it would give her credit.
  5. I know that! But we all know that the only rehearsals she is going to do are dance rehearsals! It's like the singing part is not even a part of the production anymore... We'll get that remix with that voice str8 from the studio album version and her miming every single word. That is so bad.
  6. I can't at the lipsyncing every single word anymore... What's the point of going to see a show where the artist herself doesn't sing one single note? Don't tell me that : 1/ She couldn't at least live talk the "I know I may be young..." opening part of Slave! 2/ She couldn't have recorded new fake live vocals for every song! Every artist do some lipsyncing in that type of performance show (J Lo, Madonna, Katy Perry, even Michael Jackson, Janet etc.) but it is supposed to be disguised and mixed with live vocals to help the artist while dancing... No one would ever lipsync that much! It's insulting for people who pay their tickets and they went to far already. Britney needs a reboot and if she can't do her job properly anymore, they need to stop because I can't believe that people will pay for that crap anymore.
  7. OMG! All her Domination costumes have leaked!! Here is the opening Work ***** (never change a working formula) costume :
  8. Well, they fully went for the drag queen style... "It's gonna be another Britney greatest hits show! But more street and more, you know, cheap drag show! Spectacular and fun and cool for a very low budget! This is the direction we want for her to take." !"
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