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  1. I think that’s it. Because she’s had so many songs, features, remix’s her discography is lengthy. However because of those artists wanting to work with her because of the impact of having her name featured on a song we also got some good songs from it. I mean can you imagine living in a world without Nicki Minaj’s BTS Icon verse?! 😉
  2. Unpopular opinion but ‘Come See About Me’ was my favorite song on Queen next to ‘Bed’ (that may say something about my musical taste) I agree her discography is a bit all over the place but when you’ve been in the game for over two decades and have been able to stay relevant I see her discography as a ‘pink print’ for how to evolve with musical trends something that a lot of artists struggle to do. You could look at anyone’s discography and pick the highs and lows, even Britney has had some questionable discography...
  3. Oh gosh now your asking. Not sure if their not fan favorites but the ones I don’t see getting enough love and I think would have had a good chance to chart in their era as wildcards would be: Shadow, Mmm Papi, Scary, Hard To Forget Ya, Now That I Found You, 💁🏼‍♂️
  4. Paris Hilton + Scream queens. My inner gay is throwing a party right now complete with stars are blind and party rings.
  5. Ariana hasn’t had the best success when it comes to chart performance especially early on in her career compared to the greats among the scene and fought hard to get her first number one! At the end of the day the proceeds for this single were going to charity and that may have been a driving force in why it went to number 1 as it resonated with a lot of people? Is it her strongest song? No. But it’s going to benefit a lot of people compared to any previous single! In a time where there is so much uncertainty it’s nice to see those in power and influence showcase their humble natures. Number 1, 2 or 79 on the charts the proceeds will go towards a great cause. 6ix9ine... take several seats.
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