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  1. "Can you imagine ??? Come on honey let’s go home to our flower building !!!!"
  2. I don't know, I LOVE 2019ney! I don't know if she hates her fans now, I just know that the FreeBritney movement wasn't good for her, too many things of her life all over the net without knowing the whole story. She is pissed, that's for sure!
  3. I never saw this one... what she was doing?
  4. Yes, this is a part, but also years ago Xfactors contestant refused to sing a Britney song because they thought it was a children song. Years later a group sand Baby One More Time and the whole arena started laughing and the judges said "you are talented but this song is sh!t". Glory was number one but it sold something like 2000 copies so it's not that important. Let's not forget that radios here doesn't even have Britney in their playlists. So it's strange for me saying that she is a big name here, I mean last time I saw a Britney video in tv it was If u Seek Amy
  5. I'm italian and... I don't think so. When someone sings her songs in talent shows the judges laugh all the time because she is not seen as an artist here
  6. This video doesn't prove anything! She had to do the interview so she asked her to post the picture.
  7. Singing "you want a Lamborgini" in front of Elettra Lamborghini... ICONIC Ps. this version sucks
  8. Rehearsal for POM 2.0 I see Jk I love her and she's speaking about therapy... WOW
  9. Heaven on Earth vs. Quicksand
  10. You see... you didn't even read but fine, let's not quote each other all night
  11. Right I should start saying "OMG old videoooooo, different hairstyle" "Brit is so mean with us" "The dancing video is oooold"
  12. Why are some of you trying to prove that the video is old or that we are 100% sure that her dancing video is an old one? I mean, she just said that she post her videos, but that doesn't mean that she JUST have to post new videos... who cares if the dancing video is an old one; we all upload old stuff on the net when we are bored. And of course her team upload something, like every manager of every celebrity so let's not make it a big drama if they posted the BOMT anniversary pic or things like that. And yes, she throw a shade to her fans, THANKS GOD. You think to help her investigating in her life but she always wanted privacy, I'm sure she's not happy knowing that her fans shares court documents and private stuff! Like I said, if she wants to be free she needs to FIGHT, you can't do it for her guys. And don't start with "we were by your side when you didn't dance, didn't sing, didn't do promo... we don't deserve that"... That was YOUR choice, she didn't oblige you.
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