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  1. I know i may be hung,

    But, i've got dickings too.

    And I need to do,

    What I feel like doing,

    So let me blow,

    And let's get fuckin.


    All you people look at me

    And like my big fat c*ck

    Well did you ever think it'de be okay

    For me to always be the top

    Always saying big manly top

    Don't try to get fucked

    Well i wanna be a bottom too

    Be a little slut

    f**k my booty

    f**k my booty (Oh)

    f**k my booty 

    f**k my booth (OOH)

    f**k my booty 

    f**k my booty 
    *insert gay fem moan*

    @Kiiddy @Dynasty @Britneybbhmm

    1. If U Seek Me
    2. Kiiddy


      The state of this tbh

    3. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      I read "dicklings".