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  1. She only started doing that on the live shows, after the backlash of her being a ‘*****’ during the auditions.
  2. Wait - I always assumed her eye makeup was a result of Britney not taking off her makeup before she sleeps. Are you telling me she does that look on purpose?!?!?!
  3. You just know Jamie had his finger on the mute button, just waiting for her to speak out.
  4. I’m dying for her and Sam to go on insta live one day! Sam haters don’t attack me 😂 -if he is not there she won’t know what she is doing and she always looks happier with him anyway.
  5. I thought the c-ship does not extend to Hawaii? I remember it being in the news that Jamie tried to apply it to Hawaii and some other state but got denied?
  6. How is fair for someone to be so talented but also so pretty and humble at the same time!!?? There’ll never be another pop star like this queen 👏👏👏 Facts.
  7. I think she did not to do the album at all. She was excited for Vegas and maaaybe Work *****, but clearly did not give an ef about BJ at all. (Same tbh)
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