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  1. She really lost her finesse as a dancer. I see better dance choreography on YouTube regularly by normal folk. Her feet are always stuck on the floor. Idk why. Mannequin was the last great dance rehearsal I've seen from her. If you don't regularly dance, you won't be great at it. I wouldn't pay over a hundred to see this. It's sad this impresses her fans now.

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  2. 1 hour ago, The Greatest Show said:

    Same. I always thought that Britney would be like Madonna in the future but with more dancing.

    Who would have thought thats this girl would end up with epilepsy arms, fart waving ticks, kneee bending ticks, hair fixing ticks and zumba choreo that is only executed well 10% of the time. Also if you would have told me that her natural and more sensual sexiness would devolve into trashy desperate sexyness I wouldnt have believed it either.


    Sexy just seemed so effortless for her, more than any other performer I've seen. She's like a caricature of her former self; she does the same faces occasionally to be cute but the stiff make it awkward.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Hypnotherapy said:

    I’m really not surprised by this review, and honestly when she tours large stadiums in Europe I don’t think the reception will be great.

    She’s essentially performed for 4000 fans a few nights a week every other month for 4 years. We have gotten used to the fact she literally sings nothing, she doesn’t really dance very much, some of her dance breaks are actually terrible (like, really terrible), costumes are largely crap, hair and makeup are often a complete mess and she has developed a whole array of tics.

    I don’t think the public are prepared for just how messy Britney has got. We praise her for an extra hair flip or a wink or any sign of personality. The GP will not be so forgiving.

    You gotta read GP review sites that aren't from fanbases to see the truth. On yelp she has 3.5/5 stars. That's tragic. I'm pretty sure the two stars in there are for the dancers and show effects itself.

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  4. "Time to move on

    The AXIS at Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas

    We decided to do Vegas for New Years partly because we had been wanting to see Britney before she finished -- so we were excited to see her perform. However, I feel this show would actually be better without her. She didn't really sing, and her dancing was basically skipping around the stage and putting her hands up. The choreography extended to the backup dancers, who showed signs of brilliance, but it felt like they were requested to tone it down a bit to prevent upstaging Britney. Overall, I think they'd do better to give her music the Michael Jackson experience and just CGI her onto the stage. "

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  5. 27 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    Slay me flawless and innovative queen!  :jackk:   :letitburn:



    Actually, this seems the most plausible out of everything. It’s obvious that she shot a video for a new song, and all of the dots are adding up. I’m excited, even if it is the Bebe Rexah demo. 

    I can't believe she's at a stage in her career where she's using Bebe Rexha DEMOS. Do you see Beyonce struggling like this :tiffanycries:

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  6. 23 hours ago, Noah Fatale said:

    xtina looks better nowadays, she looks much younger and her face looks tight, plus her makeup is always fierce

    now I pretty much hate xtina but this is an obvious fact

    do NOT try and say britney looks younger and hotter in 2017 than xtina does, because honey no

    britney looked better than xtina up until all the fun stuff she got done to her face

    britney has always been a natural beauty and has never relied on makeup to be gorgeous, but now her face is a fucking mess

    I love her more than anything in the world but that's just the truth

    mariah and jlo even look better than britney in 2017 and they're almost 50, it's quite sad actually

    the first step to looking more radiant and youthful is to hire a young makeup artist that knows the current tricks and trends

    like contour, full coverage foundation, highlighter, the instagram" brows, etc

    all she does to her face now is smear some black around her eyes and call it a day, and maybe uses some BB cream

    anyways :flawlessbye:

    No it's too stop smoking and control your drinking and wear spf

  7. Taylor never explicitly credits Britney but she definitely studied Britney's eras. Even in Look at What she does this little Britney move when she's with the boys (the hand in hair smile). 

    Too bad her new stuff is nowhere as innovative as Blackout and her sexy image feels so forced. The dancing I cringed. But she's yet to say something about Britney Hmmm.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Andrew338 said:

















    2011-08-29-Britneyspearsvmas.jpgChristina Aguilera - Cleavage at






    news-britney-spears-vmas-2016.jpegResultado de imagen para christina aguilera 2016





    Randee St Nicholas edition


    Britney could've still kept up if she used spf in 2008. Aguilera takes care of herself but in the beginning Britney owned i.


    I'm sure she is secretly happy her hotter nemesis is no longer the hotter.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

    She wants to be the "Stereotypical idea of a Popstar".  


    I'm a colorist myself.  These are my favorite shades:




    It's funny you can see it in her eyes, the times. In the first one she looks so innocent (using the word loosely) like she still has the fresh look "I'm excited to be here" and in the second picture she lost that innocent sparkle and you can tell the crazy party girl is out.

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  10. On 11/10/2017 at 6:17 AM, Chris88 said:

    Just listened. There are standout tracks where the production is amazing but a lot of songs are Taylor Swift doing what she's always been doing. In a lot of songs, she talks (fast sometimes) over the music she's not singing, and I don't understand how Antonoff was able to craft an amazing album such as Melodrama with Lorde and he does that with Taylor. The album is a mix of every pop music we hear on the radio with inspiration (I would guess) from Superchicks (old I know) and every other pop act that has been successful in the 2000's. I don't think Martin did his best. A few song lyrics sound like the pages of a high school girl, while some (a couple) are more adult. Overall with the hype and the fact that it's Taylor Swift, the album is disappointing and "Ready" and "LWYMMD" don't reflect at all the spirit of the full work. :NYsassy::byebitch:

    Ready is a disappointment. Had potential. But it just sounds so dated, like Britney already passed that with Work B,

  11. 4 hours ago, brocklovesgreys said:

    Her worst yet. Definitely the weakest of her 6 releases. Only 3-4 songs I can tolerate. A couple gems, but the rest is a disaster. Super disappointed, as I was really looking forward to this. I reluctantly admit that 1989 was my jam even though Taylor isn't my favorite. The persona that she tries to portray just rubs me the wrong way, but I try to put that aside to enjoy her music. I can't do that with this record though. It's awful! But because her precious name is on it and the fact that she's restricting streaming, I'm sure it'll blow up. Not because of it's quality though. Because of her reputation.

    It's basically all Max Martin and associates work. Not innovative at all.

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  12. On 11/4/2017 at 10:19 PM, danny1994 said:

    Look, she’s no Picasso or anything and she could’ve easily just written a check. But it’s the thought that counts. I think it’s pretty thoughtful of her doing this.

    Pretty sure she painted this for fun then decided to donate it. I don't this is the best artwork she's ever done lol, it's  just recently people are finding out she paints on the side.

  13. 4 hours ago, JustLuvMe said:

    I have, there were rumors that he got her pregnant. I’m sure you can find some old threads about it on other sites if you look it up. They even post side by side comparisons of Dan and Jamie Lynn’s daughter.



    Yeah her bf at the time was a decoy.

  14. 15 hours ago, Alex_1991 said:

    The second verse is totally sung by Sia and was never heard before. The full demo is probably leaking.

    At least four versions of this song exist: one recorded by Katy Perry, one recorded by Sia, one recorded by Myah Marie (that follows almost exactly Sia vocal lead and that was mixed with Britney in the unfortunate cd version), and the  final one recorded by Britney (well.. the verses at least).

    It's a good song, ruined by a demo-ish final production and by the Myah vocal mess :( with proper care it could have been single material.
    Side note: Britney is quoted as one of the composer, but it's not true at all: both the original versions share the same lyrics with the final one.

    Burqua Jihad was a fucking mess! :triggered:

    I never believed she wrote all the songs on Britney Jean. Now it's confirmed. It was all for PR and promo for the album about how "personal" it was.

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  15. On 11/1/2017 at 2:12 AM, DoSomething954 said:

    That would just be sad. I don't think her conservators need to pay anyone to date Britney lol. Like yes her dad does background checks and yes I'm sure he makes sure they don't do drinks or drink around Britney. Which I have no issue with seeing as how most of her exes have only taken advantage of her and she has horrible taste. I'm even ok with them signing non-disclosure (especially if she has some type of illness they can't profit from selling her out, which is smart) But paying them to be nice to her and like her? That sounds miserable.

    You can't just tell someone what to do lol. They pay them so it's an official business contract.