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  1. spilling tea since 2011

  2. And the light in your eyes lets me know I'm not alone, not alone.

  3. I cannot help myself, I'm just doing what I do.

  4. Thanks again! You're awesome :D

  5. Your one and only source to Exhale's scandalous lives... not! I have my own life to focus on.

  6. Jordan, why are you so unreachable now?

  7. Hi. You are cute :)

    1. IdleTEEN


      Hehehe aww thanx :).. Queenreport/edwina said i looked like a grey hound and that my modelling agency was retarded to sign me :'(

    2. Gossip Girl

      Gossip Girl

      :( That's not true... Wow. Well at least I'm not surprised you're a model.