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  1. I need black-haired Katy Perry back!!! Dont like the blonde on her. It makes her look basic.
  2. Yes! Love that song. The “Pink Bubblegum Mix” slays harder though.
  3. She was that humble and trusting of Yolanda. Even her family would tell her not to be too trusting of people. She would go to the mall, the movies and just anywhere without realizing what a huge star she was becoming.
  4. we NEED to vote him out. I’m so sick of his games and not taking anything seriously.
  5. Exactly. It’s disgusting! It goes against everything she stood and still stands for.
  6. Someone disrespected Selena’s statue (El Mirado de la Flor) And I’m Angry! He can have any political views he wants but please don’t involve an icon like Selena. Selena never involved politics into anything she gave us and he has no right to do this. Not to mention, he’s a Latino! I’m embarrassed AF. Selena’s dad also commented on this. Full article HERE (Article links the guy’s Facebook account) Also, This isn’t the first time the statue is disrespected. What are your thoughts? He was also interviewed. This is what he had to say.
  7. You’re missing the REAL Selena and some No Doubt in your playlist. 😁 Selena - Is It The Beat? No Doubt - Hella Good
  8. lol im like "hmmm i wonder what this button does?" with everything.
  9. i dont really. i just google and youtube everything. and i also mess with adobe alot.
  10. thank you guys for all the love!
  11. Wow! Thank u! Youre too nice! and really, i just know the basics of adobe. Im still learning.
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