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    socialney Whats your "Holy Grail" as Britney collector?

    tbh I only would want to have the pro shot Circus Tour!
  2. It'sSamB!tch

    music What You Need should have been the Glory lead single

    LIAR shouldve been the lead single. its fierceeee
  3. It'sSamB!tch

    video Where is this footage? Oops Tour shot in 360?

    omg it was supposed to be in a game??? ugh. I will never get why they didn't release an official Oops and Onyx tour dvd....at least with circus we know it was due copyright issues
  4. the world tour reportedly did her no good and made her feel bad. I can only imagine the Super Bowl giving her too much stress. She is not capable of doing this right now. She needs to find inner peace before she can perform live for such a broad crowd cause POM tour were fans...the SP show will be like 99.9% GP....