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  1. It'sSamB!tch

    other BBOMT 20th Anniversary Plaque Is Here!

    for the price they are selling it for (also a big NO you can't buy it seperately....), I expected it to be somehow bigger. This looks rather small and something that will get overlooked easily when you actually want to make sure people see this hanging from far away as its an ultimate piece...at least it should be... I've seen better fanmades sadly but it's cute and fun to own, just not worth the price imo.
  2. It'sSamB!tch

    rumor Britney's Rumored 'Domination' Outfits Are NSFL

    Sweety. NONE of Britney's costumes she has EVER worn come close to these two pieces in looks. Go search JLo's past residency outfits and TRY to convince anyone of us these don't look like JLo-styled pieces. Besides, the tour directors are the "All I Have" directors, so it makes totally sense there will be some serious JLo vibes which is for the better obviously. "All I Have" >>>>>>>>>>>> "Piece Of Me".
  3. It'sSamB!tch

    rumor Britney's Rumored 'Domination' Outfits Are NSFL

    No leotard? No lingerie? This must be fake lmao
  4. It'sSamB!tch

    other I saw Britney today!

    he or she should've yelled "give us Original doll bitch"