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  1. Lol JLo definitely lipsynched. The difference in her voice when she's yelling in Spanish (I think it's Spanish?) And the singing is like two worlds lmao. I love JLo but she isn't known for her vocals....
  2. Just my mushroom. nothing else too fancy. Too fat considered gay standards even tho I wear S and M sized shirts.
  3. Whatever his sxual orientation or whatever his job is, this is just crazy af. I also understand he set up a gofundme. He probably earns money but he has to begin ALL OVER AGAIN FROM SCRATCH. Even if he earns more than any of us, he doesn't make milions or anything...so unless you're a milionair, you're gonna need EVERYTHING you can get. + this probably will lead to an investigation and IDK how it's for the USA but here insurance companies don't pay ANYTHING until the investigation is completed and ruled not his fault. In the meantime you need a new place, clothes, food,.... It's still a financial disaster even if you make quite more money a year than the average person.
  4. I don't get the "hate" for Do Somethin'. It's one of her better singles and I LOVED the live performances of it. They're always so vibrant! Also...they blurred the Louis Vuitton pattern in a certain version so they still could air the video. Some versions have an alternative editing too I believe in which they removed this part.
  5. Is there really? I mean we have no clue how deep this shizzle goes. We have a corrupt dad, a corupt now ex business manager, a corrupt judge who granted the initial c ship, ... Like I genuinely believe we don't know half of what goes down and I don't want ro sound negative but realistic. There's so much money attached to this entire thing...I personally see no positive changes for a while. I hope I am wrong but I really doubt there's a light at the end of the tunnel as of now xs
  6. Thanks to Taylor Swift I bet. I mean, if Taylor didn't acknowledge her and didn't praise her, I doubt she would have gotten this much streams. She still would have gotten a lot but probably a bit fewer. I mean an upcoming star getting praise from an A-list celeb with 2 #1 albums in 1 year MUST affect your career in a positive way. I saw Swifties throwing streaming and buying parties on social media. They really have her back and I can yell you...Swifties aren't to be messed with lol. As to me personally...I don't get the big hype about the song. It's definitely not bad but certainely not groundbreaking or anything to top Ed Sheeran's record. However, I am curious to see how her career will develop and if she manages to achieve big things after this single.
  7. Lol. Some kids find toes fascinating and some parents think it is funny to record and share. This is in no way sxually meant at all.
  8. Sounds fake af. They both said during the split up they wish the best for each other and to remain befriended and to no speak about it. They wanted privacy. Now all of the sudden his ex wife is speaking out? Naaah this sounds ridiculous to begin with.
  9. I'd say her NYE performance few years ago was not her best vocally. No need to be insecure about Caution. It slapped.
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