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    it's a dancer!!!

    How did the 1999 VMAs differ from the 2001 and 2007 shows?The first two were both choreographed by Wade Robson. Each time, the stakes were up. The first time, of course, they made history with her classroom style performance and her choreography. The second time the stakes were up even further, where we're all painted like jungle animals. She had a snake, there were tigers in the cage—twice the number of dancers. Each time the level of production got even better.

    The third one was a little different because I think she hadn't performed at the VMAs in a while. In 2007 they were using her performance as the headliner, so the stakes were really high. Because it was the first time it was in Vegas, her team consulted with a magician, Criss Angel. He'd even come into our rehearsals because they were planning to have some sort of magic trick reveal. It didn't end up working, but they put a lot into that performance because it was her first time back in a while. I would have to say out of all of them that was my favorite one.

    Did she rehearse for "Gimme More?"
    She rehearsed a lot with us. I remember for that one more so we rehearsed first. They got us underway first with all the choreography because we did rehearse a long time for the 2007 one. I believe it was like three weeks—three or four weeks. If I can remember, it was the first two weeks was just the dancers, and then once they got us set, they brought her in.

    Was she supposed to wear what she wore? There had been so many rumors about why she wore underwear. 
    From my understanding—we're never involved in the wardrobe process—so what she wore on stage, I thought that was the outfit.


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    and why have we never heard of those "polls" ?

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    Here are the official 2018 rules that dont really make sense for her not being nominated since 2001:


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