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  1. Someone said to look for C-Ship talk during the FF Era and the fishing trip on this forum
  2. this is what my oldest email from 2010 looks like, but it's possible that in 2008 yahoo had those number.
  3. she literally doing promos for peanut app and make up tutorials. She would literally be scrubbing floors if it weren't for Britney.
  4. This is why Kim K is going to Law School KUWTK Season 17
  5. @breatheheavy nows the time to make new members pay $5
  6. About the emails...i don't want to think they there fake, but wouldn't Sam have sent them to Jordan? These images are from: https://www.facebook.com/groups/152092944804165/?tn-str=*F
  7. so we dont know whose court documents to search through?
  8. Well that makes sense. i would be looking for a new place to live and wouldn't want to stay at my house if a crazy lady was stalking me