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  1. What's up with all the hate for this marvellous EP? It's literally her best album and it's not even an album, but based on the songs that were released/unreleased around the same time, if there would have been an album during this era it would've blown all the other albums out of the water. Plus, the show is very entertaining. I can't imagine being a Britney fan and not watching/liking/owning this DVD, like wtf
  2. I think there's middle ground here. I 100% believe Leaving Neverland should be dismissed. It's one-sided and comes off as unbelievable. On top of that, if you take their personal situations into account - especially Robson's - it's very understandable why they would do this. Robson has always stood by Jackson's side and defended him. He made tribute after tribute to Jackson after his death. But then, by 2012/2013 when he was originally scheduled to choreograph a Jackson tribute, but later replaced by another choreographer, all of a sudden it turns around. There are many videos on YouTube explaining why and how the documentary simply should be dismissed. A very interesting one if you want to know about the pro-Jackson stances on here is Neverland Firsthand. On the other hand, Jackson had complicated relations with children. It is unnatural that he would have children in his bed, for sure. If you listen to the YouTube video shared earlier, that is weird. However, the verdict to his 90's accusations was non-guilty and like shared before, the boy's father has made it known that he did it for money. Similarly, a few of the witnesses on the prosecutor's side have come forward saying that they were paid for their cooperation, like his maid for example. But I am not going to go into every tiny little detail. It's crucial that if you are going to take a stance in this case that you read up on what actually went down and how it all went down. I have and I do think his behavior towards kids was weird and there may have been some illegal activity going on down there, but what I do know is that the 1993 case and Leaving Neverland are, in my eyes, questionable at best.
  3. Don't you remember eyes wide shut Slumber Party? That **** had Satanic Orgy written all over it haha EDIT: Oh you can't curse on here lol, sorry it's been a while *cue Break the Ice* since I've been on here. So let's just say I said "awesome video"
  4. Oh wow, where did those dollars go haha? To the director I'm guessing, errr what's his name? I think it was Spencer Pratt hahahah
  5. No, I'm sorry, it's just bad. I listened to the album back in the day, because of all the haters actually, because I was like "it can't be THAT bad" because obviously she also recorded Dramatic of course and that song was good. Back in the day I thought One More Drink was the only listenable track on this album and that was because of the demo version I had heard from Dawn Richard. On a new listen just now, I'll give Turn Ya Head and I'll Do It a pass production wise (but that's only the beat, not thinking about lyrics and vocals which were awful on all of the tracks). But this album is just bad, it's not even like Paris Hilton or Brooke Hogan "guilty pleasure" good... I did look up other songs she did and Overdosin' and Trash Me are okay and the hook for Body Language is even good.
  6. Stronger AMA's for suree! Though MATM AMA's and Oops VMA's are close runners up...
  7. Okay I do like FF better than Circus, but the singles from FF are a mess... HIAM is amazing... That's it. TTWE is, unfortunately, iconic. And I say unfortunately because it's such a damn repetitive song and I dislike it. There are 4 songs I regularly skip from FF and those are TTWE, IWG and He About to Lose Me... So again, IWG was also repetitive af and uncreative, uninspiring, boring ****. Then Criminal was the most middle-of-the-road single choice ever, it's just meh. Literally, this album has Inside Out, Seal It With A Kiss, Gasoline, Drop Dead Beautiful, and Scary and you're literally choosing TTWE, IWG and Criminal as singles? Ugh. Circus, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. All four of the singles (Yes, that includes Radar) are iconic bops. Unusual You was amazing, Out From Under was amazing, Mannequin was great (but did sound unfinished - same goes for Quicksand), Shattered Glass was amazing, Kill the Lights was good, but it also had so many fillers (Amnesia, Lace and Leather, My Baby, Phonography, Trouble, Rock Me In, Rock Boy) and some bad songs (Blur, Mmm Papi). Not to say that FF didn't have bad songs (#BFB), but overall, the album was way more cohesive. Just don't go saying the singles from FF were better...
  8. Though the song itself isn't that bad and actually quite catchy and better than What You Need and Private Show - and definitely better than Hard to Forget Ya, who hates that song? - I do have to admit I absolutely despise the opening sounds and they do sound cheap af...
  9. Just Yesterday/Little Me and Rebellion are not from The Original Doll... She posted them in 2006 on her website, while she said she was working on this mid-2004. I personally think the Bell sessions happened in 2002, but they might've met again, because I do believe Money Love and Happiness and Take Off are from that period. Ouch and Peep Show might've also been, but I don't think Look Who's Talking is from TOD...
  10. I'm sorry, as much as I would for that to be a demo CD, wouldn't it be more likely to be just a copy of the movie The Fugitive?
  11. Oh yeah, relistening to it, it's mostly the beat yeah...
  12. I voted for (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction No, actually, I voted for the "Women in Rock" one, because even though it's not only Britney on the cover hahaha, she looks stunning and it's still literally one of her best looks of all-time. Second-favorite is "Britney Wants You" imo.
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